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Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 240

My Panasonic 50-something in TV is *not* a smart TV, and it's about 2 years old. I specifically shopped for a "dumb" TV. The features of smart TVs will quickly become outdated and cumbersome, and I hope to keep a TV for a good 10+ years. It was cheaper than the smart versions.

Comment Re:Just attention seeking, no substance (Score 1) 508

The whole thing smelled of bullshit from day zero. It's much easier for the US to get someone extradited from the UK than it is for them to extradite someone from Sweden, so the whole running-to-the-embassy thing never made sense, except as a possible means to escape being tried for rape. If the US really wanted him, they'd have had the extradition process started with the UK long before Assange went to the Ecuadorian embassy.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 1) 389

First off... Geek Squad are IT professionals in the same way a burger flipper at Micky D's is a chef. They aren't.

They are no less IT professionals than, say, a senior network engineer at Google. Why?

Because nobody will be an "IT professional" until there exists a licensing organization to enforce ethical standards.

Comment Re:The Average Viewer (Score 1) 435

Some don't though. I remember a conversation I had with my grandfather (who used to repair TVs) in the pub when he was in his 80s, somehow we got onto talking about the new stuff that was coming out. HD wasn't really a thing yet - and he commented it didn't seem worth getting a large TV because how visible the lines would be (and additionally, it'd be even worse for people in NTSC countries with about 100 fewer lines).

Comment Re:hey, how about you don't do that (Score 1) 212

I didn't say black burglars weren't getting treated more harshly (i.e., unfairly) than white burglars, just that they were getting time served and probation instead of three years in prison. It's hard to tell though, because there aren't any white burglars around here to begin with (or maybe there are, but they don't even get arrested).

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 160

What we have here is sort of an international prisoner's dilemma: from each country's perspective, it is against their interest to allow any other country to make their citizens subject to that country's laws... but it is in their interest to make every other country subject to their own laws. So, all things being equal you either end up in a situation where multinational corporations are subject to no laws, or one in which they are subject to the union [in the set theory sense] of every country's laws. Since some country is probably going to assert that position and the other countries will follow suit in retaliation, "union of every country's laws" is the dominant outcome.

Comment Re: Australian "conservatives" don't understand (Score 1) 160

On the whole they probably came closer to the center than most people would care or like to admit

The NAZIs were authoritarian centrist. As a libertarian centrist I'm perfectly happy to use the word "centrist" to describe NAZIs as long as people understand that their ideology and mine are opposites along the other (i.e., up/down) axis.

Comment Re:bit3h (Score 1) 183

I've been curious about those troll posts and their odd pattern of l33t-speak / typos for some time now. I wonder if it's some kind of coded message or something.

Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 1) 470

It's happening anyway, every last joule of that tidal energy is already being used, it's just being used up by crashing up and down shorelines rather than turning turbines. Tidal power merely extracts some of the energy that would have otherwise been dissipated on the shoreline, so there's no net effect on the moon anyway.

Comment Re:Work done=kinetic energy (Score 1) 470

> Now connect it to a generator and extract enough power such that it doesn't accelerate any more, but doesn't slow down

This here is the impossible bit. Just because you can /momentarily/ extract 6-odd kw at the shaft, it doesn't mean you can keep doing it forever. You may find that any more power extracted than just the friction in the bearings will slow your hypothetical wheel down.

1000Nm torque doesn't say anything about the power you can continuously extract.

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