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Comment Re:I like functions... (Score 3, Insightful) 206

Yes, it means your functions aren't allowed to have side effects (i.e., all parameters are passed by value and the only result is the value returned to the caller).

Personally, I like it because it's a good way to manage complexity -- kind of like the encapsulation of object-oriented programming, except applied to the verbs instead of the nouns.

Comment Re:No brainer (Score 3, Insightful) 163

The other thing which bugs me is the white washing of old news articles how often that trick gets pulled, I might personally remember an event but find the contemporary records are missing that happens a lot especially in Politics when a past stance becomes embarrassing and then you get told black was white...

This is the single most important reason there could ever be!

Comment Re: hmmm, yes (Score 1) 218

Yeah, this is a choice between the possibility of malware vs. the certainty of it.

(The real right answer is "Linux," of course. And the other right answer is to avoid the newer Intel chips that are infected with the Intel Management Engine backdoor and the newer AMD chips that are infected with the Platform Security Processor backdoor to begin with.)

Comment Re:The game is too one-sided (Score 1) 416

Lots of people value various forms of art, and are willing to pay for them. In order for this to work there has to be some way of sending money people are willing to part with to people who create the art.

Good -- they can do that whether copyright exists or not! All copyright does is force people to pay, and since you were talking about the people who would pay voluntarily, that categorically excludes them from your argument.

This would lower people's quality of life.

In other words, you're saying "some people's quality of life is more important than other people's human rights." I have more than a little problem with that sentiment!

Comment Re: Macintosh doesn't have apps! (Score 1) 66

The first version of the Macintosh System software had folders, just not folders within folders (due to a file system limitation that was swiftly fixed).

DAs were kind of like TSRs. But I don't remember stickies being among them until well into System 7, at which point they were ordinary applications.

Comment Re:Easy solve for this (Score 1) 606

Because "unauthorized" has nothing to do ability, and everything to do with permission. It's the same way it works for lots of other crimes: rape is predicated on whether the other person consents, not whether he or she resists; giving a neighbor a key to your house for emergencies does not give them the right to go in your house any time they feel like it, etc.

Comment Re:We laughed when they said illegal numbers... (Score 1) 606

The real key here is whether the access is "unauthorized". Given that the access code is published for the world to see, It's going to be really hard to claim the access is unauthorized.

Nah, it works for hacking the same way it does for rape: it's entirely the owner's opinion.

Comment Re:Well that makes sense (Score 1) 181

We use [Javascript] because it's pragmatic to use the lingua franca of programming.

LOL, bless your heart.

You just go right on thinking that and having fun playing in your browser sandbox.

Pay no mind to all the C/C++ that implements that browser, and the server daemon on the other end, and the operating systems they both run on, and the libraries your code ends up calling to actually accomplish anything....

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