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Comment Re:Now it begins (Score 0) 1069

Just wow, you quite the stick up your rear. The man has been in a leadership position through most of his life and has done quite well for himself and those who do business with him so I think he is more than capable of managing a country, certainly a better than someone who almost had no experience at all leading people in business or government (aka our current president).

Our country is strong enough to withstand poor leadership with no fiscal or management experience obama is proof of that so regardless of how well he performs it will be better than what we have and will be better than what Clinton would of gave who I still think is a criminal

Comment Re:Ridiculous Argument (Score 1) 137

It probably has a USB and Ethernet slot also, I can guarantee you they are disabled by the firmware. Almost all of Comcast's boxes are made by 3rd party companies so they have extra capabilities that are not used. A few of the boxes will allow you to plug an external HD but its driver support is very specific to certain model numbers.

Comment Re: I agree, its trickery shame on Microsoft (Score 1) 501

I agree Windows 10 has a lot of features and improvements that are nice to have. It is the reason I upgraded myself to Windows 10, however I don't do an "upgrade" like most people have I always do OS Installs on a fresh format usually on a new hardrive with the old one still there as a backup.

After using windows 10 for months now however I must confess it also has features that I extremely dislike so I have both gained and lost. Windows update on windows 10 is no longer optional it is a mandatory process with a mandatory reboot. This along with a few other "features" has caused me some headache. I've managed to mitigate most of them. Its much more manageable now though since I figured out how to break part of the automatic reboot process since part of it is controlled by the task scheduler but it required changing ownership of several files and making them read only.

Comment Re:last chance to buy quality Sharp products (Score 2) 48

This may have been what Sharp was but I don't think that's the way they are today. Many of Sharp's current products are just rebranded from some other company they absorbed and put their name on it I think you would be hard pressed to find any genuine Sharp researched, built, and finalized product thats not some build on something they made years ago. I often found it funny that on some of their fax machines/copiers I could load another brand names cartridge into it perfectly even down to the software recognition of cartridge's on board chip if it had one.

Comment Re:Not that surprised (Score 1) 76

Good point, even knowing the password for the advanced interface what is the worst that you could do to it? It doesn't let you access any network data or personal details. So you could probably get an idea of how much data I use and a few technical details on the quality of my connection and maybe be able to access my IP address ( which you already have if your seeing the interface). I suppose if you were really nefarious you could probably cause my device to reboot a few times if you wanted to be persistent about it.

It's been a number of years since I've gone into it myself so today I tried to get into the advanced settings again and apparently my connection is being refused I can only see the basic page so I'm assuming I've gotten a firmware update blocking access at some point.

Comment Re:Both movie trilogies were just visualization ai (Score 1) 351

I don't see how you can claim the Lotro movie was faithful. I love the movies but is missing far to much to be faithful. They failed to mention there was a 20-30 year gap between Gandalf telling Frodo to keep the ring secret and his return during which he searched for gollum and he had people protecting the shire and that Frodo was ~60 yrs old when he left the shire. They skipped the entire section of the book for when they left the shire and went into the forest/graveyard. They changed the story on the reforging of the sword. They killed Sarumon before the final battle and completely cut out the battle of the shire. There were quite a few other differences as well but I last read the book 10 years ago so some details are faded.

Comment Re:Not impressed (Score 1) 160

I'm unique as well, however the it gave a list of what items I was unique in Namely the only thing that I did not share with the vast majority of others was the exact nature of my plugin list. The exact version and names of all enabled plugins apparently had a unique configuration..Personally I don't see a need to broadcast my plugin list is there anyway to prevent it?

Comment Re:I am by no means a fan of Comcast... (Score 1) 291

I'm not a huge fan of many of Comcast policy's but in this case... They don't need your consent, it is their property, under a lease agreement, and they are allowed to modify that agreement at will with notice (and they DO print notices about pending hotspot activations on the statements). I haven't read the service agreement myself but I'm pretty sure that cost to power leased devices is mentioned somehow. In any case you can disable the feature yourself without talking to anyone by logging into your account online. If your that much concerned about it beyond this you should be using your own modem anyway as the gateway is a POS.

The home hotspots also require login prior to use, they can't be used anonymous by non comcast customers

Comment Re:Only a kilometer high? (Score 1) 24

It's not the cloud that's a danger, as that's easily seen and avoided but what the cloud represents.. Tons of earth thrown into the air at high speed in random directions. The cloud is where it is most dense but there are likely rocks being thrown around in smaller quantities every which way that could easily hit a plane and destroy it.

Comment Re:Healthcare? (Score 1) 291

Was just about to mention he has numbers off when i saw your post. Also would like to point out they aren't avoiding fiber to the home in all areas, I am aware of a few communities that have negotiated for fiber the home for comcast so its not like such an event is not impossible if there's strong enough community demand for it. I personally don't see the need for the cost of it, I'm personally satisfied with my 50mbps as most places I connect to do not saturate what I already have and likely will not for many years. Higher speeds do exist in my area (Comcast offers 505mbps here) but I doubt I would upgrade even if the cost wasn't the massive $300/mo

Comment Re:What about Oregon and Washington? (Score 2) 368

It depends heavily on what your calling in for, for example if you call in for internet issues chances are your going to get outsourced ( and i don't blame them for this a lot of internet calls tend to be PC/router issues). It also depends on where you live, some areas by contract require certain considerations such as hold time, outage response times..those areas are routed domestically to certain areas that are aware of those requirements. There is also some quality control, if it detects you have spoken to a large number of reps over a short period it has a higher priority to be routed domestically as well as it is obvious your problem is not getting solved.

I think the biggest problem with comcast is that the upper management ignores the lack of quality control and accountability for outsourced support that local agents are subject to. Even if every mistake or bad behavior is reported (which it is not simply because you just don't have the time and have to fix it and move on) the difficulty of reporting that behavior to out of country management team and ensuring that they correct it is alot higher than sending msg to an internal manager/sup.

Comment Re:+1 for this Post (Score 4, Interesting) 427

I'm using a netgear WNDR3800 with gargoyle branded vs of openwrt. Works absolutely perfect, its an older model now but I don't need AC support and it's above average cpu and memory for a router even under heavy usage its barely peaks over 20% capacity and I've never noticed a single time where it has dropped my connection or need to be reset at all in the past 4 years

Memory Usage:17.7MB / 123.7MB (14.3%)
CPU Load Averages:0.07 / 0.03 / 0.05 (1/5/15 minutes)

Comment Is this an achievement? (Score 4, Insightful) 47

Am I only one who doesn't think this is all that impressive? A manned ship surviving, yes, a stationary building surviving yes, but a unmanned sealed drone that has no problem being submerged in the water with nothing to collide against it without need to stay upright? I could achieve similar results as this drone by putting some gear in a steel container and letting throwing it out to sea. Its other purposes aside "shrugging" off a storm of any size should be trivial for such an object.

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