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Comment Re:Trivial??? (Score 1) 140

... it's a disaster area... get real. I'm sure hey couldn't care less about your illegal downloads at such moments.

They won't care right now, but things might change once everything settles. Even war crimes rarely get processed during wars, usually after them.
Will I be held responsible if someone uses my open WiFi network to download child porn? Weirder stuff could've happened.

Comment Re:Why would anyone want this? (Score 1) 219

It's how gamers think too. If it works for him then the fault must lie with the other person's system. No one wants to admit that it worked for them because they were lucky.

Confirming. I once complained that a certain game isn't compatibile with my graphics card on Steam forums and most replies consisted of rude and immature trolling.

Comment Re:not exactly, see Firefox screenshot (Score 1) 146

You could have LastPass remember your e-mail and autofill it for you when it prompts you for the master password. A phishing site typically won't know your e-mail, unless they asked you for it (as a part of registration process, for example). I suggest using different e-mail than the one you use for your LastPass Account for every site that requires a password. If you're on Gmail adding "+[domainname]" to your Gmail username is enough, since Gmail ignores everything after a plus sign.

Comment Re:Hey Slashdot: you're not helping (Score 1) 105

> I am a registered Planethunter

I know what a "Plane" is, but how do you Thunt?

Seriously though, your post has good info.

And here I was thinking that Planethunter is a mixture of words "Plan" and "ethunter"...if I didn't read your post, I would remain ignorant for the rest of my life.

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