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Submission + - Cold Fusion is REAL? Extraordinary Evidence.

Zdzicho00 writes: "Seems that finally we got confirmation that Cold Fusion is REAL.

Simple, portable, highly repeatable, unambiguous, and permanent physical evidence of nuclear events using detectors that have a long track record of reliability and acceptance among nuclear physicists.
Forget your preconceptions, says scientist at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR). "We've done the experiments, and we have the data."

Using a unique experimental method called co-deposition, combined with the application of external electric and magnetic fields, and recording the results with standard nuclear-industry CR-39 polimer detectors, SPAWAR scientists: Pamela Mosier-Boss and Stan Szpak have produced what may be the most convincing evidence yet in the pursuit of proof of low energy nuclear reactions.
Read more here:
SPAWAR: Extraordinary Evidence

What independed experts say?

"Gary W. Phillips, a nuclear physicist and expert in CR-39 detectors is similarly surprised by what he saw in SPAWAR's detectors. Phillips has used the detectors to record nuclear events for two decades.
He said that the tracks recorded in SPAWAR's CR-39 experiments are "at least one order of magnitude greater" in number than those in any other conventional nuclear experiments he's seen.

The evidence recorded in SPAWAR Systems Center's CR-39 detectors are "at least one order of magnitude greater" in number than those in any other conventional nuclear experiments he's seen in his 20 years of related experience.

"I've never seen such a high density of tracks before," Phillips noted.

"It would have to be from a very intense source — a nuclear source.
You cannot get this from any kind of chemical reaction.

Seems that Fleischmann and Pons should got they Nobel prize soon...

Is that end of The Fossil Fuels Era?

For more information about "Cold Fusion" (Lenr-Canr) please refer here:
  • Web repository with all documentation in that field (maintained by Jed Rothwell): Lenr-Canr
  • An free E-book about Cold Fusion: Cold Fusion and the Future
  • Last international conference in that field: ICCF12
  • Next conference about Cold Fusion: ICCF13
Happy reading!"

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