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Comment Re:Maybe overturning an election (Score 1) 381

Give me a break. The most recent example you can come up with happened 40 years ago. Despite opportunities to meddle with elections in places like Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Palestine the US has refrained from doing so even if it has meant the election of an antagonistic head of state.

The whole US as shadowy evil puppet-master thing is wearing kinda thin.

Comment Re:Did the signal degrade, or the noise increase? (Score 1) 615

Cheap electronics simply didn't exist 30 years ago, that's the difference. I own a 38 year old Marantz stereo receiver that will run circles around most modern big-box store receivers in terms of sound and build quality, I thought this was proof that quality has degraded over time until I researched the original cost of the unit. The receiver was positioned at the lower-mid range of the Marantz lineup at the time; it cost $450 in 1974 dollars which is about $2025 in 2012 dollars! You can buy a serious, near audiophile level piece gear for two grand that would put the old Marantz to shame (as much as I love it).

A $30 wireless router is an amazing piece of technology in its own right and really can't be compared to anything produced 30-40 years ago. I have Cisco routers that have been running 24x7 for the last 10 years and work perfectly, granted they cost 100x more than a Netgear with basically the same capability. As always you get what you pay for.

Comment Re:My plan to save Best Buy (Score 1) 300

I'm not sure why this was modded funny, this is a very good idea. You can buy things like RAM and video cards sight unseen but most buyers like to demo laptops, TVs, tablets, speakers, etc prior to purchase. Best Buy could keep a wide variety, zero inventory, and ship to the store next day from distribution centers. Charge customers a $10 fee to walk into the showroom and refund it at time of purchase or charge a yearly membership similar to Costco.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 365

Yeager was a phenomenally talented pilot who used skill and intuition to save himself and his expensive test aircraft on many occasions. Combine this with the fact that he has giant brass balls and you certainly have a candidate for the greatest pilot ever. The fact that he survived to break the sound barrier has little to do with luck.

Comment Re:ask a mechanic (Score 1) 672

Where back in the 50's thru the 70s you commonly heard about the 30 year car. There seems to be a different in long term quality of the vehicles.

I've not heard of the 30 year car, except for in Cuba. Back then and up until the late 80's or so you were lucky if the car lasted until the last payment was due; if it made it to 100k miles without a major repair you went out and bought a lottery ticket.

Comment Re:Thank god we still have Radio Shack (Score 1) 491

That hasn't been my experience with Fry's employees, at least in the PC components section. Most of the employees I've encountered are geeks in their early 20's who have a genuine interest in technology who usually know much more than I do about what it is that I am shopping for. If I ask which CPU is the best bang for the buck they don't automatically point me to the most expensive one available but instead tell me which one has unlockable CPU cores, which ones dominate certain benchmarks etc. They know which motherboards are cheaply made crap and which ones last and what RAM to pair them with. This is knowledge that would take me many hours of online research to accumulate; I recently built a new PC and paid less than what I would have paid online and received solid advice in the process. As long as Fry's retains knowledgeable employees, keeps prices competitive with online retailers, and makes returns easy I don't have any reason to shop anywhere else. I wouldn't care if every Best Buy in the world went up in flames but I'd be bummed if my local Fry's ever shut their doors.

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