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Comment Re:Purpose (Score 5, Insightful) 252

Okay, I'll bite, Mr. Troll.

I was actually just thinking about this. Slackware is *just like* LFS in its simplicity. This is a good thing for those who desire it. Slackware is an LFS system that has been tested for stability and provides a simple, easy for an admin to takeover package management system. Slapt-get provides higher level package management for those who desire it--including support for dependency resolution.

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to be met with GUI greeters, setup wizards, beginner-oriented defaults, and enabled-by-default automatic updates.

Comment Re:wait... (Score 1) 512

D'oh! You are smarter than I, for sure (by 3 points). I should've posted anonymously :(.

And I don't think the article was making any kind of "iff" statement, i.e. implying the converse is true: people with high IQs are depressed. It's more about depression being a mechanism to enabled more detailed oriented thinking. So.. depression = bowling lane bumpers? It's possible to bowl well without bumpers just as it's possible to be an intelligent person without using the depression mechanism, but the bumpers and depression can help those who need it...

Comment Re:wait... (Score 1) 512

I think there is some lenience when spelling recently made up words. I really debated whether or not I should mention my IQ because of responses like yours and others, but what the hell. It's pretty funny how defensive everyone gets; it's as though by saying my IQ everyone else feels like I'm making fun of theirs. It's not hard to do well on IQ tests, especially if you've taken a few different ones. Really, from my perspective I'm a bit on the slow side, mostly when compared to the people I went to school with. No one questioned my claim about having depression, but isn't it just as likely that I'm making that up so I have something to bullshit about on slashdot? Having an IQ in the top 2 percentile doesn't make me a good person, talented, a good lover, or a skilled craftsmen. There is more to a person's worth than their IQ. I actually have a very limited skillset. Honest to god, I'm not bragging. I was just setting up a morbidly funny comment. Most people in my life do recognize me as smart--something that's true for the majority of /.ers, I'm willing to bet. So I'm not claiming to be special in any extraordinary way, certainly not to this crowd.

Comment Re:wait... (Score 3, Informative) 512

Yeah, but the cut off for "genius" for the test I took is 145. So I'm just barely there. I know lots of people with high IQs. I'm actually quite dumb for a "genius." I'm probably the dumbest genius any of my friends have ever met. Besides, if I were to lie about my IQ I'd either go way higher or way lower. 175 is an IQ worth lying about. 148... meh.

Comment Re:wait... (Score 3, Funny) 512

Because suicide is usually the best option. Why deal with one problem at a time when you can get rid of all your problems once and for all.

Yes. I'm being snarky. I also happen to have a 148 IQ and have been diagnosed with clinical depression, so don't anyone mod me down for being insensitive to the smarty-pants depressasaurouses. I am one of them.

Comment Re:I'm sorry, but you are wrong. (Score 1) 964

It's one of the great things about America (and we're sadly running out of great things), but at least here you can be 100% real American no matter what country you are originally from. It doesn't work like that anywhere else. You can gain citizenship in Japan or France, but you will never be Japanese or French. Even if you are discriminated against for your race, at least you're "one of us" nationally.

Comment Re:for what? (Score 1) 334

C'mon this was funny. Windows is very popular in China and you can bet most installations are pirated.

Yes, it's a little on the troll side of things, but even the cheap shots are worth a laugh. At least there was a degree of wit to it. Not one of the "In soviet China, Starcraft addict beats you!" Wait... the Chinese Starcraft addicts beat me in the US too... I think I screwed up my example. Oh well. Carry on.

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