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Comment News for nerds? Stuff that matters!? (Score 1) 549

Thank you Timothy, for rolling out the red carpet for all the batshit crazy
  commenters by promoting a foxnews fabrication on Slashdot. I've been
  lurking for years but you got me mad enough to post now.

Check your F-ing sources. Get a second and a third source. Foxnews
does not get the benefit of the doubt, not on Slashdot.

What were you THINKING??

The Courts

Submission + - Court Rejects RIAA's Proposed Protective Order (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "You may recall that a few weeks ago the Court rendered a detailed decision providing for safeguards in connection with the RIAA's proposed inspection of the defendant's hard drive in SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum. The decision instructed the RIAA to submit a proposed protective order consistent with the Court's decision. The RIAA submitted a proposed protective order yesterday, which attracted some thoughtful commentary by readers of my blog, but today the Court rejected the RIAA's suggested order, explicitly rejecting many of the 'enhancements' included by the RIAA, including production of 'videos' and 'playlists' which might be found on the hard drive. Instead the Court entered an order the Court itself had drafted. The Court explained that 'the purpose of compelling inspection is to identify information reasonably calculated to provide evidence of any file-sharing of Plaintiffs' copyrighted music sound files conducted on the Defendant's computer. Once this data is identified by the computer forensic expert....any disclosure shall flow through the Defendant subject to his assertion of privilege and the Court's authority to compel production, just as disclosure would occur in any other pre-trial discovery setting..... (1) As should have been clear from the Court's May 6, 2009 Order, although the Plaintiffs may select experts of their choosing, these individuals are not to be employees of the Plaintiffs or their counsel, but must be third-parties held to the strictest standards of confidentiality; (2) the inspection is limited to music sound files, metadata associated with music sound files, and information related to the file-sharing of music sound files — it shall not include music "playlists" or any other type of media file (e.g., video); (3) the Examining Expert shall be required to disclose both the methods employed to inspect the hard drive and any instruction or guidance received from the Plaintiffs.'"

Submission + - Freshman Republican opposes 'TSA porn'

An anonymous reader writes: Not content to simply follow the "anything to protect American lives," Conservative Freshman Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has introduced a bill to prohibit mandatory full body scans. Rep. Chaffetz states "The images offer a disturbingly accurate view of a person's body underneath clothing, ..." He goes on to note that the American Civil Liberties Union has expressed support for the bill.

Maybe we don't need tin-foil sportscoats to go with our tin-foil hats. For reference, Prison Planet has a thread featuring images from the millimeter wavelength imager.

Submission + - Universal Psychic Guild Bridges Psychics and the P (

Neoli Marcos writes: "Melbourne, Australia, 6 July 2007Universal Psychic Guild redefines online psychic service with its new live webcam chat.
Now, With the new Webcam video Chat readings, clients can see and speak with a professional psychic from the privacy & comfort of their own computer with the assurance that they are receiving a genuine psychic reading.
Online psychics are a booming business in the Internet nowadays, but along with it is the proliferation of scams and fraudalent psychics. Universal Psychic Guild tries to guard the public against that.
For this service, clients need Flash Player Version 8 or 9 installed in their computer, preferably with a high speed broadband internet connection. This is to ensure that they get only the best quality feed available. Also, they will need a headset/ speaker/ microphone in order to hear and converse with the psychic. The webcam is entirely optional, and people can still consult with psychics.
Universal Psychic Guild's Live Psychic Chat via webcam goes for the same cost per minute rate as the regular service.

Universal Psychic Guild (ACN: 066 828 288) P.O. Box 7011 Hawthorn North Victoria 3122, Australia Phone- Australia: 1300 365 318 Fax: +61 3 9815 1544"


Submission + - NYC planning Street Security Cameras (

* * Beatles-Beatles writes: " html

Similar to the system in London — If the program is fully financed, it will include not only license plate readers but also 3,000 public and private security cameras below Canal Street, as well as a center staffed by the police and private security officers, and movable roadblocks"


Submission + - Broading the Definition of Life

Dr. Eggman writes: Ars Technica reports on a book issued by the National Academies of Science, which criticizes NASA's narrow approach to searching for life beyond earth and suggests a broader definition of life:

* A thermodynamic disequilibrium of some sort, from which energy can be harvested.
* A chemical environment that allows the persistence of covalent bonds.
* A liquid environment.
* A molecular inheritance system that can support Darwinian evolution.
The intent of the definition is to allow our search to take into account exotic lifeforms with biology so vastly different that we overlook them in our quest for earth-like conditions and therefore earth-like biology. The book itself appears to be a very interesting read, and appears to have a free full text PDF offering as well.

Submission + - Sony slashes PS3 price to $500

Peter Kern writes: To cut or not to cut the price, that was the question for Sony in the past few days it seems. Now we know that the PS3 in fact gets a price cut, down from $599 to $499 and into the range of the Xbox 360 Elite, which has been offered for around $480 by stores such as Best Buy this weekend. Oh, and yes, we will be getting an 80 GB PS3 in the U.S. as well. The big question now is: Can Sony increase the shipment numbers of its PS3?

Submission + - Google Developing New Social Networking Site (

* * Beatles-Beatles writes: " ocial-networking-projects.html

Google already has a social network (orkut), but it's only popular in Brazil and India, doesn't have a Googlish interface and had a lot of security problems in the past. That's why last year Google sponsored a project at the Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute whose initial goal was to "rethink and reinvent online social networking"."


Submission + - Finnish court rules CSS "ineffective"

An anonymous reader writes: In an unanimous decision released today, Helsinki District Court ruled that Content Scrambling System (CSS) used in DVD movies is "ineffective". The decision is the first in Europe to interpret new copyright law amendments that ban the circumvention of "effective technological measures". The legislation is based on EU Copyright Directive from 2001. According to both Finnish copyright law and the underlying directive, only such protection measure is effective, "which achieves the protection objective."

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