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Comment Been there, done that. (Score 5, Interesting) 332

Several years ago my Pointy-haired Boss was reading technology articles (bad idea) and caught the "Big Data" bug. It spread to our CTO, CIO and all department heads like wildfire. This led to our Development team being turned into NoSQL zombies who said words like "Hadoop", "Shark", "Spark" in response to any new product requirement. It was a glorious vision of a magical backend system that would take all our data from every platform, that would scale up and out forever, and could be asked any question and give us exactly the results we wanted all instantly. The fact no one in the entire company had ever used any of the technology before or the fact we didn't even have any Java experience to setup even the base Hadoop installation were just minor points not worth discussing. I would like to say I was the lone dissenting voice, well I was and said lets just stick to SQL, but even I got caught up in the hype eventually.

18 months later and a sickening amount of man-years wasted and contractor money spent with no usable products or services the conclusion was NoSQL isn't a good fit for our data or platform use case. So they all went back to standard MySQL and completed 90% of the delayed projects in under 4 weeks.

On the plus side management heads did roll. I have a new My Pointy-haired Boss and CTO. However they have now started to drop in the words "Microservices" and "Docker" into all discussions. I can see a new hype-train arriving shortly ...

Comment Re:What Is Going On? (Score 1) 52

Huh? That's the best response I can give without using spoilers but I'm not sure you've read all 3 books.

As for the series I'm not sure I liked all of it, the later two books certainly dragged on slightly too long and probably should have been compressed into one novel. However the series as a whole, especially the first book, certainly know how to generate an incredibly creepy atmosphere with everyone lost in a strange world of paranoia and genuine weirdness.

Comment Frostbite (Score 1) 150

The Frostbite Game Engine is the best looking one around at present so yes, these scenes may have been generated real-time but it will be just like those in other games using the engine. Cut-scenes like this turn off unwanted background game processing and then set gfx settings up to the max. In game =/= In engine.

Sure it looks pretty but there are enough negatives to make me want to avoid this

> EA
> DLC, DLC, and some more DLC with a side helping of micro-transactions.
> Buggy DiCE software
> Combat is even more simplified than Call-of-Duty.

Comment Re:PHP is fine (Score 3) 182

Blaming the language for bad code is asinine.

It's not asinine but it is probably overly harsh.

PHP is popular because it's easy for beginners to learn, easy to get stuff done quickly & simply, and easy for programmers familiar in C & C++ to start web development without having to grok a completely unfamiliar language.

PHP is bad because it's easy for everyone using it to write insecure code.

Comment Re:Let's give this some relevance. (Score 2) 755

Red Hat is about to learn this the hard way.

I hope so. We've put our upgrade from RHEL 6 to version 7 on permanent hold basically because of systemd and all other associated forced-down-your-throat changes they have made. This is no longer a seamless, non-intrusive upgrade unlike every previous major release.

For desktop users, yeah I understand it's probably a non-issue for them. But if you are a sysadmin managing thousands of servers with possibly tens of thousands of VM's on top of that it's a major issue.

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