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Comment Just like Google Now... (Score 2, Insightful) 124

I'm guessing those people have searched Beauty and the Beast while signed in to Chrome at some point. And just like Google Now cards, it's an update to a product that showed interest in, so it is brought up with the question of what's happening today. One part Ad yes, but I don't think they would do it specifically for Beauty and the Beast, it may very well be a new regular response with others like: "That console you've been researching is released today" "That TV you price checked is on sale today", "That show you like has a new episode today", etc.

Comment Re: he bet on the winner (Score 1) 820

typically only focus on the swing states

If you switch to a straight popular vote, you'd have something similar but a switch in locations. Candidates would ignore rural areas and only campaign in cities:

"The urban areas of the United States for the 2010 Census contain 249,253,271 people, representing 80.7% of the population, and rural areas contain 59,492,276 people, or 19.3% of the population. "

Maine and Nebraska can split their electoral votes....there's no legal hurdle preventing other states from doing the same.

What's the functional difference between splitting a state via electoral votes vs just counting popular vote? If California allowed splitting the electoral vote, 1/3 of their 55 votes would go red, which is more than most rural states have in total.

Comment Can we ever really know? (Score 1) 704

Maybe I'm just not understanding how these investigations happen or what constitutes valid evidence, but how can we ever really know who did a hack like this?
With VPNs, botnets, address spoofing, couldn't the actual hacker make it look like pretty much anyone else did it? A good hacker wouldn't be found at all, and a really good hacker would cover their own tracks and leave a trail that makes it look like it came from Russian intelligence.

Comment T-Mobile Tuesdays (Score 2) 59

Someone has a bone to pick with T-Mobile...the free Lyft ride and Wendy's frosty have absolutely nothing to do with Net Neutrality or adding Pokemon Go data to binge on. They are weekly gifts through their T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways which they've had for I don't even know how long, but long before now.

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