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Comment Can we ever really know? (Score 1) 704

Maybe I'm just not understanding how these investigations happen or what constitutes valid evidence, but how can we ever really know who did a hack like this?
With VPNs, botnets, address spoofing, couldn't the actual hacker make it look like pretty much anyone else did it? A good hacker wouldn't be found at all, and a really good hacker would cover their own tracks and leave a trail that makes it look like it came from Russian intelligence.

Comment T-Mobile Tuesdays (Score 2) 59

Someone has a bone to pick with T-Mobile...the free Lyft ride and Wendy's frosty have absolutely nothing to do with Net Neutrality or adding Pokemon Go data to binge on. They are weekly gifts through their T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways which they've had for I don't even know how long, but long before now.

Comment Re:Polls (Score 1) 207

Oh wait, you can't. Putin ordered his assassination in a pathetic attempt to silence the work he and others had done showing the systemic corruption in Russia.

It's only corruption if you thought the purpose was to be fair for everyone in the first place. It's just business as usual for everyone in on it!

Comment Re:4K (Score 1) 244

I have very little interest in 4K quite frankly. I feel I need it about as much as a five blade razor.

the upgrade to bt.2020 HDR color space is actually a bigger gain than the resolution bump. I recall reading that SDR displays can show about 25% of the visible color spectrum, but these discs on an HDR display can show up to 75%. Of course everything from the camera filming the movie to the TV displaying the content needs to be able to handle that along the way...

Comment Not yet used and additional notes (Score 5, Informative) 244

Some notes from someone in the industry...

The 'enhanced' version is not yet used, everything out so far is using the basic AACS2, it is unknown exactly when the enhanced will be available for use. Knowing how past AACS requirements have never materialized, I actually wouldn't be surprised if this never really takes off. Also Fox is really the only studio I know of that is interested in this. They are also the only one I can think of that uses BD+ regularly, and are more technically minded than other studios.

Streaming is no where near the quality of these discs. Someone posted that Netflix streams 4k at about 16Mbps, while the video on these discs will be over 100. Also the bigger aspect of video on the UHD discs is bt.2020 HDR color space, which I don't think Netflix does yet. M-go is the only place I know of that has similar quality video, Fox tries to use the same encode on the UHD BD as they do for their "Vidity" downloads on there. Also if sound is important to you, I don't think anyone streams Dolby Atmos or DTS:X audios.

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