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Comment Re:"nonconsensual sex or touching" (Score 1) 399

Because my job isn't to report on this and because the bit I copied was enough to being attention to the point I was trying to make, with said point having nothing to do with gender but rather the author's attempt at manipulation by counting together touch and rape.

Not to mention the fact that this was obviously a quote of the full description, with the description being a mere scroll away.

You saw a gender bias where there was none, so it was probably just your own.

Comment "nonconsensual sex or touching" (Score 4, Insightful) 399

According to a recent study of 27 schools, about one-quarter of female undergraduates said they had experienced nonconsensual sex or touching since entering college

So basically they asked about touching and sex just so they can put the phrase "nonconsensual sex" and "one-quarter" together?

Those 2 are nowhere near the same level of severity to be reported in that fashion.
I've been touched plenty times nonconsensually, I figured "that's a bit too familiar" (yes I'm a man, yes by women), however I wouldn't place those occurrences nowhere near anything having to do with rape.

The Military

US Defense Secretary Mulls Rapid Grants For Tech Companies 58

itwbennett writes: The push for greater cooperation with tech companies has been a big theme for the DOD in the last year, but many big tech companies so far have been wary of the government's overtures following NSA spying revelations. Now, the government is taking a more 'if you can't join them, build your own' approach. The U.S. Department of Defense is considering offering rapid seed funding to private companies as a way to encourage more work on technology projects with the commercial sector, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Wednesday. 'The DOD has to tap into all the streams of innovation and emerging technology and it has to do so much more quickly,' Carter told DARPA's Wait, What? conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 1307

You shouldn't have been down-voted. There was a lot of pretty radical nepotism, there was a story of a subway cleaning lady making making 6 figures, that's insane -- probably an event with a magnitude of singular occurrence, but gives you an idea of how far things had gone. Those people getting fired was the right thing to do, but it only resulted in a temporary surplus, not growth. Different measures were/are required.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307

You're right of course, I was just sharing my personal experience growing up (hospitals, schools etc.).
Tax evasion is jokingly said to be the national sport.

The crazy thing is that people don't pay taxes because the gov is corrupt and will pocket the money but then keep voting for the same people, Greece has been mostly influenced by 2 political families since the day before forever.

Of course, that is only one of the causes for the current situation, there's always some conflict affecting this place, hell there was an overthrow of The Junta (as referred to by natives) as soon as '73. Always broke, always in debt, always something fucked up going on.

Things kept piling up that were not being dealt properly after each occurrence, either to stabilize, repair or plan for growth. People tend to focus on one thing, but there has been a lot of pressure building up. So many things stacked crooked, I guess it's my generation's fault to face a similar disturbance as almost all others before it.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 1307

That's nothing, wanna see desperation? Look for the rise in support for the neo-Nazi criminal enterprise disguised as a political party, New Dawn.
All the while talking about the good old days (i.e. ancient Greece, birthplace of democracy), reconciliating that with their beliefs must have taken some serious mental gymnastics.

Comment Re:A Plan for Greece To Stay in the EU (Score 2) 1307

I do the same rant/joke too, although in mine I also suggest selling a couple of islands, we've got like a bazillion of them. They're already running like crap, generally neglected, bad infrastructure, people with cardiac episodes being flown in super puma helicopters to nearby islands where there's a doctor.

Sell a couple to the EU, the Germans can build and run things, the French, Italians and locals can handle the touristy stuff, hell I'd move there permanently.

Comment Re: Good (Score 2) 1307

I'm not any kind of authority on the matter, nor have I done any non-trivial research just what I see on the news and what I've gathered by talking with people here, but some surpluses that we got to see in the papers occasionally were a direct result of the austerity measures.
By that I mean something akin to firing 30% of your employees and then showing the investors all the money you managed to save, given a few more quarters the actual repercussions of that decision would become clear, i.e. lower productivity, eventual net loss.

Yeah there were more money in the country's coffers for a while, but it wasn't due to economic growth. Most people here who've managed to keep their jobs work a lot more than before with little to no pay (and I mean 6-8 months of no pay) and not leaving because if they do they won't be able to find another one, and just hope that the situation will improve and they'll eventually get paid. That's the opposite of growth.

And the equally occasional improvements in the national stock market (few points up every now and then) get undone soon after.

I could be wrong though, you may have a different source of information for what you said. Just letting you know what I'm seeing from the inside.

Comment Re: Good (Score 3, Informative) 1307

That did happen, but it's not like anyone had a crystal ball. It was that we had all seen the results of the 2 major parties' work over the decades and they kept making matters worse. A change was needed. Who the hell knows what's going to happen now.

Not even the people in charge do, from any side. Obviously the austerity measures that have already been implemented had a negative impact, making it impossible for the country to grow economically and pay its outstanding debts.

This is a seriously complicated and screwed up situation and everyone just keeps blaming everyone else (and depending on who you ask, even themselves).

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Informative) 1307

Also, as an addition to my previous comment, you should have said 60% of Greeks "can't seem to come to terms with reality".
40% of us tried to be reasonable and play it safe with a matter of such importance.
I know gross generalizations sound cool when you're on your soapbox, but give credit where credit's due (pun intended).

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Informative) 1307

You're right in general, but regarding the remark about gettings things for "free"; can we switch the generic "Greeks" to "Greek politicians"? Because us Greeks in general have gotten jack shit for free, if anything, we've been paying for everything twice.

Free health care: passing doctors money under the table to get them to work on you.
Free education: Having to spend tons of money and time for private tutoring.
(In both cases, with a crumbling infrastructure.)
Democracy: Pretty much the same stacked 2 party system as any other nation, with extra corruption sprinkled on. I'm talking about major parties, not nutty ones with inconsiderable amounts of supporters. The currently governing party did shake things up though, broke the 2 previous major parties' taking turns, not sure if that is for better or worse, we'll found out in a few days.

And it's not like we've had it easy on taxes either, middle class families having their income taxed in half and paying out of pocket for all the things those taxes should have bee going to in the first place.

Comment Out-of-sync DB entries for CC payments (Score 1) 377

Worst thing (so far) has been formatting a PHP date() DB timestamp wrong for entries associating users and payments. I think it was something like accidentally using 'M' for both month and minute.
At the same time, there was a bug somewhere that periodically caused only one of the 2 tables to be written to, when we noticed that the tables were out-of-sync we immediately jumped to the timestamps to make some sense of the situation, which of course didn't work in this case.

Took only a few hours to sort out since we could use other available information to fix it, but it was my 1st or 2nd real job at around 18 so I figured I was canned; I wasn't though, it was one of those "lesson learned, watch out for it next time" situations -- my boss was really frustrated though.

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