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Comment Re:Uber is quite retarded (Score 4, Insightful) 341

They can consider themselves a sovereign state for all that means. Uber provides a commercial transport service even if they're simply contracting out the actual transport to someone else. So it should be up to them to make sure that the drivers they use meet the regulations of the country. Nothing here is saying that Uber cannot provide transport services. Just that they need to provide them under existing regulations. Now if they do not wish to do this they have two paths of recourse. Either not enter the market, or lobby for a law change.

Comment Student Loans are 0% in New Zealand. (Score 1) 1259

Well as long as you stay in the country. Thanks to the Ministry of Social Development we get loans straight from the government and after a year the loan gets passed off to the IRD to get repayed. The minimum rate of repayment is 10% of whatever you earn over an annual income threshold which at the moment is $19,084. So that is nice and automatic and if you want to you can pay back more.

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