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Comment Re:It's not a "right" (Score 3, Insightful) 105

Actually, short breaks _don't_ improve productivity. Latest study (Harvard Business Review - - _do_ sign up and read the whole article, don't just read the headline) shows that productivity is, at best, indifferent to micro breaks and at worst, reduced significantly. Those breaks _do_ have some effect on the stress level of the employee, but that's not of the employer _immediate_ concern (though long-term employers should factor this into their calculations). Numbers and cases, or it isn't science. (oh, and 5 minutes of an 8 hours day is ~1%, not 0.2%).

Comment Re:Too many options (Score 1) 160

...and Xmx should be 9999G...

Unfortunately, the Sun JVM (now Oracle main JVM) "array cells are consecutive in memory" blocks this. When the JVM reports "free memory = T" it must be able to allocate an array of size T. However, due to the aforementioned feature, this require the JVM to pre-allocate all the memory so it can reshuffle everything to be able to allocate that array in consecutive memory addresses. So why didn't they (Sun, now Oracle) drop this feature? Because it helps tremendously in signal and image processing, allow you to fine-tune memory-based optimizations and, usually, offers better array instantiation speed.


Google To Promote Web Speed On New Dev Site 106

CWmike writes "Google has created a Web site for developers that is focused exclusively on making Web applications, sites and browsers faster. The site will allow developers to submit ideas, suggestions and questions via a discussion forum and by using Google's Moderator tool. Google hopes developers will join it in improving core online technologies such as HTML and TCP/IP. For Google, a prime example of how Web performance can be enhanced is the development of HTML 5, which provides a major improvement in how Web applications process Javascript, Google believes. 'We're hoping the community will spend some time on the basic protocols of the Internet,' Google product manager Richard Rabbat said. 'There's quite a bit of optimization that can be done [in that area].'"

Comment Animations and 3D (Score 3, Informative) 295

In my university days, I understood a lot of calculus by visualizing an animated sequence (mean value theorem, limits, derivatives...). Animation is a great tool for these things. Same goes for numerical analysis.
Also (from the same days), linear algebra can be (often / sometimes) simplified to a 2d / 3d projection which can be displayed easily by a computer. Forget that you CAN'T draw in 3D or can't animate in 2D on the board - the computer can.
And of course - physics, chemistry, geography, history - omg, history would be so cool to learn with a projector, if done correctly (not just clips - diagrams, arrows on the world map describing population movements, pressures, wars) - all of the "real world" sciences are much more fun when working in the real world. Even political science (if your school offers it) can enjoy the benefits of a projector, even if only as a video machine (watching Marting Luther King Jr. making his speech for example).
However - I don't think that a projector is a "magic wand". It conforms to the equation "invest more time, reap more results". If you invest the proper amount of time preparing good material (and not only video clips), your students would enjoy it immensely.
Just my 2 bits.

Submission + - Search with a Preview (

Pedja writes: "Hi guys. Some of my friends, myself included, were pretty annoyed by the whole "Open-in-new-tab-and-then-come-back-to-search-resu lts" way of searching on Google. And, lets face it, Snap image preview search is a possible solution to this but they are not Google. So I decided to make and merge best of both worlds. You get Google's search results with a live page preview in the same window. And frames are a No-No. I hope you guys like this. Pedja"

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