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Comment Stacked Tolerances (Score 2) 182

I'd be very curious as to how much hand finishing is required on these firearms. While the 1911 is a simple design and commonly produced the difference between a weapon cranked out with CNC and finished by an assembly line gunsmith is notably different than the same parts finished by an accomplished smith who understands the finer points of the firearm.

I'd also point out that 2,000 rounds is no testament to durability, rather it's just barely out of what most 1911 enthusiasts consider the break-in period.

Comment Re:What other products (Score 1) 1019

You choose to purchase a vehicle.
You choose to ride a motorcycle.

In both examples you are making a choice, and choosing to comply with laws passed around those activities. If for example I do not believe in utilizing vehicles, I am not forced to purchase seat belts and helmets.

I personally choose to use the medical facilities available, and as such I choose to have insurance. If I didn't choose to use the facilities, forcing me to purchase insurance is a clear violation of my rights.

Other posters have mentioned water... only if you choose to own property within city limits, etc...

Data Storage

Submission + - New Serial ATA standards target SSDs, tablets (techreport.com)

crookedvulture writes: SATA-IO has devised a couple of new storage interfaces optimized for solid-state drives. To serve high-performance SSDs that are fast approaching the 6Gbps ceiling imposed by the current Serial ATA specification, the SATA Express standard will meld the Serial ATA software stack with PCI Express to offer up to 16Gbps of bandwidth. SATA Express isn't expected to be completed until the end of the year, but the new uSSD standard looks to be ready for prime time. Designed for tablets and ultraportables, uSSD sticks with current 6Gbps speeds but ditches traditional Serial ATA connectors, allowing SSD controller chips to be soldered directly to motherboards. SanDisk already has a 128GB uSSD primed for ultrabooks.

Submission + - Intel Acquires Trinigy 3D Engine (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: "After Intel canceled Larrabee and announced it would re-purpose the project for high-performance computing, little was said of what would happen to the company's various gaming-related IPs. It's therefore somewhat surprising to hear that Havok, the physics SDK developer Intel bought several years ago, has recently acquired Trinigy and that company's Vision Engine. The Vision Engine is a cross-platform development environment that supports Windows (DX9-11), the XBox 360, PS3, Wii, and the upcoming PlayStation Vita. iOS and Android support are both supposedly coming soon as well."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Massive Multiplayer, or Massive Multiplier?

Zanthor writes: Gamers have always been an odd bunch, and this story is no exception. Prepared is a player of World of Warcraft, and he has decided to take his hobby over the top. Playing 36 copies of the game at once, using a batch of computers and a bit of software to tie them together, he has taken Multiboxing to a new level!

YouTube Passes Yahoo As #2 Search Engine 125

Dekortage writes "According to the latest ComScore rankings, YouTube's search traffic for August surpassed Yahoo's. The latter dropped roughly 5% in traffic from July. Among other things, this means that Google now owns both of the top two search engines. AdAge further speculates on Google's experimental 'promoted videos' cost-per-click advertising on YouTube, suggesting the obvious: more money."

Blizzcon 2008 Wrap-Up 173

This year's Blizzcon saw 15,000 gamers descend from 27 different countries to take part in two days of discussions, tournaments, and sneak peaks at upcoming releases. Several big announcements were scattered among a raft of new details about Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and Wrath of the Lich King. The new information went a long way toward drumming up interest for what already appear to be worthy successors to old favorites. Read on for more.

Comment Re:What you're missing (Score 1) 460

What you're missing is that Glider wasn't used for the handicapped, it was used to totally automate gameplay and level from 1 to 70 while farming loot.

The running joke in my guild was that the UI mod (BOT) I wrote was for my crippled friend who could only press one button over and over... the fact that the one button was hooked to a logic trap that played the game for me is what was cheating.

Glider doesn't even require a button press now and then, you start it, and off you go, for as long as you stay connected, running the script.


GameStop's View of the Gaming World 61

Gamasutra has up a massive interview with some of the executives at Gamestop, the largest games-specific retailer here in the US. Speaking with folks like senior merchandising VP Bob McKenzie and marketing VP Tom DeNapoli, the site explores the retailer's unique position within the gaming world, their views on the three consoles, and even the possibility that they might someday stock AO titles. "Gamasutra: There was a point where Manhunt 2 was considered an AO game. Is an AO game something that you would consider selling if it came out? Is it something that you would consider carrying in your stores? Bob McKenzie: I think that it is an opportunity that we would have to look at on a case-by-case. In this situation, I'm glad that they went back, reworked it, and it will be M rated. I can't say that we would have supported it at AO, and I can't say that we won't. In the past, when there was an AO game such as Leisure Suit Larry from a couple of years ago, GameStop wouldn't support that game in our retail stores. However, that was before the merger with Electronics Boutique, and EB did take the title into their retail stores. So, again, it is a situation that we have to take on a case-by-case. But I have to say that we prefer that the AO games are not anything that we are out there in the market looking for."

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