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Comment Re:Business 101 (Score 5, Insightful) 321

She also seems to understand the role that government should play in combating that first rule.

:head scratch: So Amazon, Apple, and Google should encourage their competition?

You mean like how the two major political parties have rigged the board so as to discourage political parties outside of the two majors?

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1038

Invoking the victim in the crime? Completely irrelevant.

As for any suffering by McGuire - fuck the fucking fucker. 10 minutes of discomfort (that we dont even know he had) is childsplay to the hell (if there is one) he is being spit roasted in and the pain and suffering that he inflicted on the victim and her family.

Comment Re: Fuck Them (Score 1) 225

Shit comparison. One can simply walk past or through a picket line and into the buisness and have your transaction. I have done it before...and would do it again.

Want to protest, hold a sign, get some light cardio marching in a circle chanting catchly slogans? Go ahead!
Want to get in my way for doing buisness? Then fuck you and the horse you rode in on as you are not going to waste my time and money with your "cause."

Comment Re:Importance (Score 1) 562

Fluffy did have a good point. If you participate in a criminal action - then you are potentially on the line for the whole kit and kaboodle. Running a red light is not even the same sport. I wont get a ticket if I am a passenger in the car that runs a red light, but I sure as shit would if I was driving my car and ran the light along with a long string of others. Now - should Rosol have to pay for the bug fix? Hell no - thats like having a criminal pay for a new type of lock because they picked the other one easily.

Submission + - Part of FPSRussia YouTube Team Found Shot to Death (

Zantac69 writes: ""Keith Ratliff, 32, was found dead Thursday evening on Hayes Road in Carnesville, radio station WLHR-FM reported.

Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas told the station that Ratliff, of Frankfort, Ky., had been shot once in the head, and that his death was being treated as a homicide until the investigation proves otherwise. ...

Ratliff, along with Kyle Lamar Myers, who appears in the online videos, operate the “FPSRussia” YouTube channel, which has 3.4 million subscribers. Videos posted on the channel have racked up more than a half-billion views. According to YouTube, FPSRussia is the ninth-most popular channel on the website.""

Comment Re:Last bastion (Score 1) 963

Science is defined by facts - not majority "rule." Climate change is real...but who is to blame and what the "goldilocks" point is for the planet is not for us to determine - and we should stop being so arrogant as to thinking that we are the judge, jury, and executioner on this. We adapt...or we die.

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