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Comment Volunteer (Score 1) 523

When I went looking for my first job after college, the career counselor told me something which I didn't get to use but will never forget. Volunteer. You start by finding a company that does what you are interested in doing. Then you send them your resume making sure to note your self taught skills(but you don't need to mention that they are self taught, just that you have experience). Finally, in your cover letter you express your interest in volunteering for them for 3-6 months. The fact that they won't have to pay you will give them the opportunity to meet you and see your skills without taking as much risk. You can do it part time since they don't have to pay you anyway and still work a somewhat regular job on the side(though working hours may be strange so you'd need a flexible job).

After the 3-6 months you have a few things going for you. First, you have your foot in the door giving you the opportunity to try to get a job with the company who already knows you do good work. Second, you now have something to put on your resume. Finally, you have contacts in the field. These are all the things you need to get yourself a job in the field and it just takes a little monetary sacrifice. Heck, if you're good and they know it they might offer you the job long before the 3-6 months comes up. Good Luck!

Comment Re:To be fair (Score 1) 318

To all media companies out there: give us what we want (not broken with DRM) and when we want it (not 9 months to 3 years later), and you'll see piracy decline significantly. Oh, and make new innovative product rather than coasting off the work of an earlier genius (Disney, that comment is directed precisely at you.)

Don't forget that we want it for a reasonable price. Most of us are willing to pay for something that we consider reasonable. I'm happy to watch TV shows on a company's website that includes commercials but if the company doesn't offer it, I'm not going to go out and buy or rent the full season just to watch one episode. I'm happy to purchase a game that I can play at home and then sell to someone else if I decide I don't want it anymore. I'm not going to pay the same price for a game that I cannot play without internet, I cannot sell to my friends, and I only can install on my own machine so many times before it stops working. Price shouldn't be dependent upon what the company thinks something is worth, it should be dependent upon what people will pay for it.

Look at what Itunes did for music. They provided a way to purchase songs for a reasonable price and people paid for them. Piracy will never go away, but punishing pirates is not the way to get rid of it. Instead they need to get rid of the reason for the piracy and most people will happily conform.

Comment Many Solutions (Score 1) 422

It all depends on what you really want to get into.

DOSBox - For all your old DOS based games, this emulator works wonders. The only part you need to worry about is getting them off those old 3.5" and 5.25" floppies. If the floppies don't work anymore or you just don't have a floppy drive, you can always hop over to the various Abandonware sites and try to get a full copy of the game from them. My favorite site is Home of the Underdogs.

Emulators - For your old console systems, you can easily pick up any number of emulators. There are plenty of places like The Emulator Zone that let you grab both an emulator and various game roms for any number of console systems. Most of them let you install a USB Gamepad of some sort that gives you an even more old game style feel. Many of them are pretty good these days and a lot of computers are more powerful than some of the even more recent consoles. I use a PS emulator to run all my old PS1 games and they look better than on my PS2.

Online - An absolutely amazing number of games and other things have been ported to an online version of the game. A quick Google search for "DOOM online" returns a Flash based Doom Conversion. My experience has shown that most of the online versions of games don't play as smooth as on emulators, but they are usually free and no installation is needed.

There are plenty of other solutions out there as well. You could probably track down an older computer on ebay if you looked hard enough and what does it hurt to let it sit in a closet or your attic when you want to pull it out. If you need to ask these questions, you haven't been looking hard enough. Many others have forged this road long before you came to it and they have freely provided their solutions to all.

Comment Like a Desktop? (Score 1) 120

Forgive me if I missed something, after all I don't own a tablet, but did tablets surpass laptops in speed and capability? I mean these magic devices called laptops have been doing exactly this for years and they have never matched a desktop in raw power. Suddenly tablets, which are smaller than most laptops, are so much further ahead than laptops that this article chooses to compare them with desktops instead of laptops? I find it hard to believe to be sure.

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 1) 292

I disagree with your analogy because the envelope would required to be opened to get to the data. Not hard to do but it effectively blocks someone looking in your mailbox. The guy with the postcard analogy is closer.

I offer what I believe to be a better analogy. It's like someone changing their clothes in front of an open window and the guy across the street with the binoculars staring at them. The person changing their clothing could close the curtains but they don't really expect someone else to be looking. All Google did was drive by with a video camera and take a few seconds of video.

Comment Re:To be clear... (Score 1) 142

To be truly anal, Final Fantasy IV is what they've called all of the Japan releases of the game as well as the releases of the game for Playstation 1, Advanced, AND the most recent version on the DS. The only version called Final Fantasy II was the US SNES release. The game has been released several times since then. Anyone who has been playing Final Fantasy since the start has been calling it FFIV since FFVII came out and the realization that there had been 6 others before it but only three had been released in the US.

So to bring my point back home, it certainly isn't just now that they have begun calling it FFIV, they have been calling it FFIV for well over 10 years.

Comment Re:Not including work? (Score 1) 245

I was going to make a similar comment but then I went started reading the report for ammunition. Right there on page 11 it reads:

We do not adjust for double counting in our analysis. If someone is watching TV and using the computer at the same time, our data sources will record this as two hours of total information. This is consistent with most other researchers. Note, though, that this means there are theoretically more than 24 hours in an information day!

So basically they say that most americans work, sleep and spend at least 4 of their other hours multitasking between TV and Computer.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 2, Insightful) 264

I will never buy HP again. My previous laptop was a Compaq(For those out of the loop or just too young, Compaq was bought by HP) and my senior year of college, I got the motherboard replaced on warranty a dozen times or more(Our college had a program to give free laptops to students and they kept spare motherboards on hand because this was a very frequent occurrence).

My current HP had its battery replaced twice because it had died within 3 months of the battery coming out of the box(both times) and the only reason I didn't replace it more is because it was just going to fail again(Why replace faulty parts with more faulty parts? In case you couldn't guess, it died a total of three times and I just didn't care anymore after the third. My laptop is now essentially a desktop). The second time they even brought the laptop in to see if it was causing the battery failures. It was but they couldn't fix it.

Even worse, they held my credit card number ransom. They said if I didn't send the old battery in after they sent me the replacement, they would charge me for a new one. Keep in mind that they logged onto my computer to check to see if my battery was indeed dead before confirming that it was covered under warranty, but they still didn't trust me enough to return a brick that they were just going to throw away/recycle. The doesn't even mention that they could have sent me an empty box and had me send them the dead battery first since it was dead and I couldn't use it anyway.

Whatever, this article only supports me in my hatred of HP products.

Comment Re:*First post.. (Score 1) 590

While technically true, the problem comes along with people who work from home. Teachers are in fact a prime example of this in that they do almost all of their grading and lesson planing at home. So where is the line between work and play? Unless you are specifically cataloging your hours, it would be kind of hard to fight it in court.

Comment Re:Freecreditreport.com is a criminal scam (Score 4, Informative) 184

It's actually even worse than this. There is no cancel option on their website which means to stop service, you have to call them and deal with their trashy customer service. That doesn't even mention the fact that they will refuse to delete your account if you ask. They claim they have to keep the credit card for record purposes. Somehow I doubt it. The only way to get your credit card number out of their hands is to cancel it.

Comment Other reasons (Score 1) 202

Correlation does not imply causation.

What if the aliens realized it was a period of time where we were most receptive to close encounters of the third kind.

Or maybe they just realized people would blame it on too much alcohol and a drunk encounter with ID4.

The aliens are smarter than us, this idea is just us playing right into their hands!

*Puts on his tinfoil hat*

Comment Re:Contracts aren't what they used to be... (Score 2, Informative) 300

If you go online and check out each of the four major carriors, all their plans are pretty much exactly the same. They all charge relatively the exact same prices for everything. The only differences between them are what phones you get to pick from, the contract length, and which part of quality you want. Remember, you can't get both good quality signal and no lost calls. You can't get both full bars everywhere you want to be and some bars everywhere else.

Some of them have something a little special like rollover minutes or the ability to call a certain number of people outside their network(under very special circumstances), but it's more about who you know in each network and not what they offer or what they cost. I have Verizon because all of my family and friends are on Verizon. This means I can call everyone I know for free. But the fact is that with normal competition, prices should have fallen by now and they have not. It doesn't cost them $5 to send 100 text messages but that's what they charge me.

It's like two gas stations across the street from one another. They could get into a price war till neither of them makes any money, or they could silently agreed to charge the same price and split the customers. Next time you see two gas stations across the street from one another, notice if their prices are the same. Unfortunately for most of us, we can't just drive down the street to find a wireless company that isn't silently price fixing.

Comment Re:That's a man, baby! (Score 1) 137

According to AskOxford.com, Man means several things.

noun (pl. men) 1 an adult human male. 2 a male member of a workforce, team, etc. 3 a husband or lover. 4 a person. 5 human beings in general. 6 a figure or token used in a board game.

While you are correct in that it is not typically used that way, you'll notice that usage #4 IS Person. So technically 3-man team is an acceptable usage.

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