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Comment Re:So all models vs like two? (Score 1) 145

In fairness, the first and second positions are occupied by PC and Mac which are kind of board categories themselves, especially PC! In fact, I think since Apple switched to Intel, those should really be counted as PCs and therefore the Mac number, whilst still undoubtedly huge, should remain static, and possibly passable by Rasp-pi some time in the future. Not sure the top position would ever be achievable though!

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 468

I'm all for electric vehicles, but the US has much lower population density. An electric vehicle only works as a primary vehicle if you rarely leave a major metro area. Unless they become cheap enough that it can be a second or even third household vehicle, it's simply not feasible for a lot of Americans.

I've been wondering if hybrids couldn't say, have the electric motor handle most of the bits that require torque, and use internal combustion for range. In that situation, you could have a smaller engine and have it tuned for fuel-economy rather than performance. So acceleration would be largely driven by the electric side of things, whereas motorway cruising would be largely internal combustion.

Would that work out less polluting than existing hybrids? I appreciate it would probably be much more complex to develop... and I guess if you're a car manufacturer, you don't want to over invest in internal combustion right now.

Comment Re:How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 524

ha ha ... a bluetooth keyboard with a single key labelled "ESC". Would probably cost around $50 and in a few months would be a security vector or something that corrupts all the data

No silly, the USB-C version is only $30. Except, you can't use that whilst charging..... ;-P

Comment Re:Why does everyone use such small TTLs now? (Score 1) 56

Why does everyone use such small DNS TTLs? Checking some of the domains (including twitter) that went down, their TTLs are all less than 200...are their networks so dynamic that 1800, 3600, 7200 wouldn't work? Would really minimize the effect of DNS outages...

Perhaps so they can better deal with DoS attacks on their services; if their web server is under DoS attack, they can simply switch to another IP, but with a high TTL, it would take longer for the new IP to take effect.

Comment Re:Random prefix workaround (Score 1) 56

Problem is the same system could be use to mount a.... [D]DoS attack on services that depend on sub-domains. E.g. if "" has a business where each customer has their own sub-domain, then all a hacker needs to do to deny-service to is make multiple failed DNS requests.

Not that your idea isn't a bad one though... it *may* help Dyn themselves mitigate the attack somewhat by given dodgy looking requests a lower priority. But it doesn't really solve it.

My best idea is actively hunting vulnerable devices and bricking them... but I'm guessing this might not be a popular option!

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