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Journal Journal: We got Stoned

My wife and I were taking the bus from Jerusalem home last night, after having dinner with a friend in town. As we were passing by Rammalah the bus got stoned. Two rocks hit the right side of the bus. One hit right where my wife was sitting and the other hid the rear door which was right behind her.

Thankfully the bus is armored so all it did was create a few nice dents in the side of the bus. Right after it happened all the soldiers on the bus (3 or 4 of them) loading their rifles. Nothing more happened and the bus proced on its route and dropped us off at home.

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Journal Journal: In memory of the 6 million 2

Today is Yom Ha'Shoah. the Day that Israel remembers the 6 million of our brothers and sisters who were murdered by the Nazi war machine from 1933-1945.

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Journal Journal: Apathy

I have about a dozen things I could/should be doing
1) Job hunting
2) Working on one of 2-3 projects
3) Getting the next version of the XAB toolkit ready to go.
4) Cleaning for passover

but I will admit that i'm just not in the mood, I have a head ache and just want to go to bed, but in about an hour I have to go and head into Jerusalem for a meeting with my Rabbi.

On the plus side there will be Falafel in there somewhere.

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Journal Journal: Wiki

I have established a new Wiki on the topic of development of 3 tier applications with Mozilla, SOAP and the LAMP suite. Not much content yet, but I'm working on it.

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Journal Journal: Chrisitan Zionist mailing lists 5

I know there are one or two chritian zionists who read my journal here. So maybe you can help me. I am looking for a mailing list or two for christian zionists.

Specificly I would like to find christians in the USA (Or other places) who support Israel and would like to show that by sending some work to software developers in Israel.


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Journal Journal: Money


I just found out I am much closer to broke than I thought I was. I need to find a way to come up with a quick few hundred bucks. The rent for this month and next should be covered but beyond that I'm a bit worried. Anyone want to hire a php programer for some quick work?

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Journal Journal: Off to the USA

Off to the USA for a week or so of holiday and visiting.

See you all online when I get back.

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Journal Journal: This seems to fit today...

By the rivers of Bbylon - there we sat and also wept when we remembered Zion. On the willows within we hung our lyres. For there our captors requested words of song from us, with lyres joyous, 'Sing for from Zion's song!" How can we sing the song of G-d upon the alien's soil" If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill. Let my toung adhere to my palate if I fail recall you, if I fail to elevate Jerusalem above my foremost joy. Remember, G-d, for the offspring of Edom, the day of Jerusalem - for those who say 'Destroy! Destroy! to its very foundation.' O violated daughter of Babylon -- praseworthy is he who repays you in accordance with the manner that you treated us. Praseworthy is he who will clutch and dash your infants against the rock.

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Journal Journal: Zionism and the lack of peace 4

I'm having a strange time, I posted something to my other blog that did not have the result that I wanted. I have been acused of being against peace and being a rasist because I hate Hamas et al. I wouldn't care about this per se but for the fact it was 2 very old friends who I had this fight with.

The problem is as I see it that all the so called peace plans for Israel to be acceptable to the Arabs involve Israel comitting national suicide. I find any plan that consists of "Israel moves a huge number of jews out of their houses, and the arabs promise to not hurt us again" to be unaceptable.

I don't really have anything more to say on it.

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Journal Journal: L'Shana Tova 5

L'Shana Tova... May you be inscribed in the book of life for a good year.

And there is a Jewish tradition of opening the new year (now a few days old) with a clean slate, so if I have offended anyone here in the last year I would ask you to forgive me for it.

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Journal Journal: Well I went and did it 5

Well Its offical on monday I asked Devora to marry me. She said yes. So we will be getting married on August 1 in New York. (date subject to change) THe two of us along with her 2 girls will be living on the same Yishuv (Settlement) that she lives on now.

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Journal Journal: Not been around much 4

I've not been around much so I thought I would give an update to my friends here on slashdot. First of all You can now find me on Live Journal.

Major news from my life:

1) I found a great woman, looks very promissing.

2) I moved I'm still in the Katamon section of Jerusalem but a few blocks over. Nice place, good room mate. The Landlords are crazy Chabadniks. And the bus service is not as good as at the old place.

3) SCA Israel is going quite well (YEA)!

4) I managed to get my ID card when the Ministry of the Interior opened on Tuesday. And my Benifits from the Min of Immigrant absorbtion on wed.

5) I will be starting Uplan Etzion to learn hebrew in Jan.


Journal Journal: Perl Freelance work 1

I'm starting to work as a free lance perl programer. If anyone needs a perl guru, or the like please let me know. Or if anyone has any tips on good places to look for jobs online etc that would be great too.

Oh if you need someone for midnight to 8:00 am I can do that too, if you don't mind the fact that I would be remote. I am 7-10 hours ahead of most of the USA so it is no problem. I charge very reasonable rates.

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Journal Journal: Jerusalem Journal: Tigger is home 1

My cat Tigger ran away a month ago, and I felt like I had lost my best friend. I got him as a small kitten, and have had him for about 5 years. He has lived with me in at least 5 different appartments and even came from the USA to Israel with me. After a month I had more or less given up hope of finding him. But thank G-d, my flat mate found him walking home from morning minyan today.

He is much thinner, (he was fat before) and lost a little fur on his sholders. And well kind of needs a bath. But he appears to be in good shape and is very happy to be home. I need to go to the pet store, he did not have a collar when he got out, I'm going to fix that now.

Portables (Apple)

Journal Journal: Linux on an iBook 1

I have an iBook and I was wondering if anyone knows of a linux version that I can put on a CD and run from time to time that way on my iBook.


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