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Journal Zachary Kessin's Journal: Zionism and the lack of peace 4

I'm having a strange time, I posted something to my other blog that did not have the result that I wanted. I have been acused of being against peace and being a rasist because I hate Hamas et al. I wouldn't care about this per se but for the fact it was 2 very old friends who I had this fight with.

The problem is as I see it that all the so called peace plans for Israel to be acceptable to the Arabs involve Israel comitting national suicide. I find any plan that consists of "Israel moves a huge number of jews out of their houses, and the arabs promise to not hurt us again" to be unaceptable.

I don't really have anything more to say on it.

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Zionism and the lack of peace

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  • Wow, there's a bunch of liberal weenie thinking (or non-thinking) over there. They try to turn things around and blame the problem on patriotic people like you for making them mad. It's attitudes like that that lead to national suicide "peace plans."

    I don't care what they say; everything on this site [] is cool! Anybody who is offended by the statement "Am Yisrael chai" (the people of Israel live) has a serious "racism" (or self-hating) problem of their own.

    But that statement is really the heart of the con

    • Well yup. As does yours. After all you are not a muslim ;). Now there are things on that site that are somewhat provocative, the "My G-d is better than your G-d" stuff. But if by proclaiming that the Jewish people live I am being offensive, well there is nothing I can do about it.

  • What about a plan that deports both Jews AND Arabs, so that there will be NO Arabs in the jewish (no Arab citizens of israel) state, and no Jews in the paletinian one ?

    Would you find such a solution acceptable ?

    Of course the Arabs won't, but hey, tough luck, don't murder our citizens.
    • Considering that I live in a settlement I would not be thrilled. If I thought it would really bring a lasting peace I might be interested. Israel has called for peace with our arab neighbors since 1948, it hasn't happened yet. If the arabs were willing to evacuate Killkilliah and the arab sections of Jerusalem etc we might be on to something.

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