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Comment Re:projection (Score 0) 596

think about this... even though resolution may only increase slightly that doesn't mean that we will stay on a flat screen... there have been many advances in "hologram" technology and in ten years we could have to store much more data for the same resolution due to depth. Along with storing straight 3D video many of these may also be interactive such as a desktop interface and that would up the amount of storage needed considerably.

Submission + - Penny-sized flash module holds 16GB ( 1

nerdyH writes: Intel describes its new 2GB to 16GB SSDs (solid state disks) as "smaller than a penny, and weighing less than a drop of water." The parts are "400 times smaller in volume than a 1.8-inch hard drive," Intel boasts, "and at 0.6 grams, 75 times lighter." Sampling now, with mass production set for Q1, the Z-P140 is described as an "optional" part of Intel's Menlow chipset, built in turn as part of Intel's vision for Linux-based Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Kid thinks outside the box for free MacBook Pro ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A kid named Zach Grant is thinking way outside the box trying to score a free MacBook Pro by selling laser engraved ad space on the lid of his soon to be MacBook Pro. These spaces are going for $30 per sq. in. and will go towards getting him the computer. This is one of the wildest ideas i have seen in a while to try to get something for nothing. It will be interesting to see how it works out for him. I already donated to the fund and you can too, his site is Here.

Submission + - Japanese make breakthrough in space-based laser

An anonymous reader writes: The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Osaka University have been working on a device which converts sunlight into laser-light with four times the efficiency of previous attempts. The project aims to use a Space-based solar power system that can collect sunlight in space and convert it into laser light, which will then be transmitted to Earth and used for electricity. The project works by storing sunlight-based energy in plate made from a sintered powder of metals like chromium and neodymium.

Submission + - Skip to the front of the airport security line

An anonymous reader writes: You have the right to fly without ID within the US. It's been widely reported before that attempting to fly without ID can actually be faster than following all the rules at the airport. The reason being that they will bump you to the front of the security line. However, TSA agents often do not know their own rules, and thus passengers have been told no such right exists, while others have had airport police threaten them with arrest unless they produced a drivers license. To the delight of activist passengers everywhere, TSA has finally clarified the rules, and provided written proof of every passenger's right to decline to show ID — and yet still board their flight. Print it out and take it with you the next time you fly. CNET has more on the story....

Submission + - realtime ASCII Goggles (

jabjoe writes: Russian artists from Moscow have created goggles with image filtering, interestingly ascii. This allows you to view the world in real time as ascii. Pointless but cool. Link

Submission + - CNN is using subliminal advertising? ( 1

krakman writes: "CNN has subliminal Advertising? I just got a email from a friend who said she was watching CNN over her DVR and had a clip that showed CNN's subliminal advertising. She uploaded the clip to youtube, and I extracted the frame, (go to to check it out) Innocent mistake by CNN or bigger plot to brainwash us...... I look forward to comments...."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Moving to Linux

ZachMG writes: "I recently switched from a OSx86 install on my laptop to Ubuntu, i love Beryl and i love having a linux install again. The only problem is that I am not sure what programs would be helpful to me now. I was a avid user of Quicksilver in OS X and loved it is there any equivilent to that in the linux world? And I would also like it if anybody wants to tell me what programs they think are "must-haves" for linux. Thank You, Zach"

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