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Comment Sounds plenty educational to me (Score 1) 190

Figuring out how to make all of those connections, swap SD cards, etc -- that all sounds very educational to me. Not every computing device has to be as simple to use as an iPad. Let the tots learn to try things and make mistakes, and feel rewarded by something as simple as a flashing LED or "hello world" showing up on a connected screen after hours of figuratively banging their heads into a wall.

Comment Re:But will they shrink man-hours? Spending? (Score 1) 506

That first graph isn't without its critics, it looks as though both the scale and the points in time that are labelled have been chosen to smooth over changes in tax revenue over time. Setting the scale at 100% does allow one to fit both a marginal tax rate of 90% and 28% within the same chart, but it does obscure significant-looking swings between 15 and 21% in revenue. Whether these changes in revenue were directly related to the marginal tax rate I don't know, though this author thinks they are:


Morphing Metals 121

aarondubrow writes "Imagine a metal that 'remembers' its original, cold-forged shape, and can return to that shape when exposed to heat or a magnetic pulse. Like magic out of a Harry Potter novel, such a metal could contract on command, or swing back and forth like a pendulum. Believe it or not, such metals already exist. First discovered in 1931, they belong to a class of materials called 'shape memory alloys (SMA),' whose unique atomic make-up allows them to return to their initial form, or alternate between forms through a phase change."

Submission + - Tor and the Iranian Election (

tiberiandusk writes: "With the crackdown on internet access in Iran following the Presidential election people have taken to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about protests and arrests. In some places access to these sites is blocked. Some people have taken up the cause and have started posting their Tor bridge links. Using these bridges people can bypass firewalls and access proxies. I have posted my bridge link on my blog and on my Twitter page. I have no way of measuring if this is helping in anyway but maybe it's worth a shot to help."

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