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Comment In IT, they should, and they must (Score 3, Insightful) 559

Like most slashdotters, I'm in IT.

The last couple of companies I've worked in, have made the decision to allow us -employees- to admin. our PCs. We are mostly semi-senior developers: we have the knowledge to make our computers perform their best, and we know what we want -and need- from them. No one else -not even support dept.- can know what service, application or tool is best for us and, being highly trained, we're the best admins. these computers could have.

-- For instance, even though we need to use Windows XP, no one uses IE --

And last (but definetely not least), this is what we *do*. Most of us could hack through the security policies if they were there. I don't think that having over a hundreed skilled developers trying to bring down your security infrastructure is the best way to go.

Whenever I start my own company (that's right, I still like to daydream), I'll make sure I hire talented, trustworthy people, and grant them admin. rights of their PCs.

PS: Note that admin. of PCs != network admin. Everyone here should appreciate the difference


Submission + - My Space Deletes 29,000 Sex Offender Accounts (

neorush writes: "From TFA:
"Social networking Web site MySpace Latest News about MySpace has found and purged more than 29,000 sexual predators using the site, a number described by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as an "exploding epidemic." The figure is more than quadruple the amount MySpace said it found two months ago. In May, MySpace — which allows users to create their own Web pages — said it banned from its site about 7,000 people discovered to be sex offenders."

First of all MySpace has more than 100 Million registered users (I didn't confirm that number I just remember reading it somewhere awhile back), which means that 29,000 is only .029% of the MySpace population. Sure I have a better chance of running into a sex offender on MySpace than say winning the lottery, but is this anymore dangerous than letting my child walk down the street in the suburbs? Its just describing this problem as an "exploding epidemic" seems just like another media scare tactic."

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