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Comment Re:I have some questions (Score 1) 187

I can only speak for the USAA experience, where your funds are available immediately (up to a $10k/day limit, I believe) and there is no extra charge. I have successfully deposited checks that were not even made out to me (they were endorsed over to me).

The only time I ever had trouble was when a careles signer got part of their signature over the account numbers at the bottom of the check.

Comment Try Government Contracting (Score 3, Informative) 582

I'm a software developer on a federal contract. My hours are _capped_ at 80hrs/2wks.

If I have to stay late early in the pay period, I have to leave early later in the pay period. Working extra hours requires advance approval and enough paperwork that it is almost never done. My contracting company faces penalties if they let/force us to work "off the clock". I have been told that this is to prevent preferential treatment in future contract bids (it would not be fair if a company had a reputation for working more than they bill), but I don't know if that's the actual reason. I have also heard that it is because we are at a client site, and cannot work unless government people are there to babysit us, and they rarely work extra hours. Either way, I have a lot more free time, and better pay, compared to when I was in dot-coms.

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1, Redundant) 161

When it comes to landing a job, it's the other way around: Ranking within majors (let alone concentration within majors) is meaningless and the only thing that matters is the overall university ranking. All recruiters, headhunters, and HR departments know is the overall reputation. That's why Ivy beats everything, and might-as-well-be-ivy (MIT, Stanford, Duke, etc.) beats everything else.

United States

Submission + - Phone card plan for soldiers in Iraq gathers steam

coondoggie writes: "Since the military made it impossible for most service people overseas to communicate with home via YouTube and other social networking sites, they have at least stepped up the effort — along with the American public to help soldiers talk with their families. By logging on to the Army & Air Force Exchange Service or calling (800) 527-2345, moms, uncles, neighbors and civic groups can take part in the "Help Our Troops Call Home" effort by sending any one of three Military Exchange Global Prepaid Phone cards, including a 550-minute card capable of providing more than two hours of call time from any of 72 phone centers in operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom to the United States. Phone cards may be sent to an individual servicemember designated by the sender or distributed to "any servicemember" through the American Red Cross, Air Force Aid Society, Fisher House Foundation, Navy-Marine Corps Relief, Soldier & Family Assistance Center, and United Service Organizations. 7"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Earthlink Says It Will Remove Ads At My Request

An anonymous reader writes: This is a fun one. It's almost too good to be true — because it probably is.

Today, Earthlink added a huge new ad position to its webmail page that dramatically shrinks the space available for actual display of messages. When I complained, a customer service rep in live chat promised that he would "escalate the issue" to "engineers" who would remove the ad for everyone! A transcript follows.

My question: what do you think the chances of this actually happening are? Can a CSR really change corporate policy on an important business issue on the basis of a single complaint? Or is it possible that mine was one of a deluge of complaints — and things really WILL change?

info: 'Adam' says: Thank you for contacting EarthLink LiveChat, how may I help you today? I am very upset by the huge ad on the webmail page. It is so disruptive that I may have to cancel my account. Are these ads now a regular part of the page?
Adam: I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I'll do my best to help you.
Adam: I am can understand your concern. Please answer my question. This huge ad takes up almost 20% of the page. Is it now a regular feature?
Adam: I am sorry to say that the ads are provided by our sponsors. This is the reason why you are getting the ads on the Web Mail page. There have always been ads. But today's is huge. It's for FibreSUre. My question remains unanswered. I will now repeat it for a third time: Are these huge new ads now a regular opart of the page? If so, Please advise procedure on account cancellation.
Adam: Please stay on hold while I check it.
Adam: Thank you for the time. I need to escalate the issue to our engineers. You will not face the issue again. Please explain further. I do not understand your answer.
Adam: I mean I will escalate the issue to our engineers. They will check it and remove the ad from the Web Mail page and resolve your issue. You willblock the ads just for me? Or the big ads are a one time occurence for everyone?
Adam: I am sorry to say that all the customers are getting these ads. I will escalate the issue to our engineers. So, that tey will remove the ads for every one. Fine. Thank you for your response. Can you email me a transcript of this chat for future reference?
Adam: I am sorry for the typo. I mean they.
Adam: Sure, please give me few minutes Thank you. That resolves the matter.
Adam: I had emailed your the chat transcript.
Adam: Please check it once. Thank you again and goodbye.
Adam: You are welcome.
Adam: I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Adam: Is there anything else I may assist you with today? No that's it. Thank you and goodbye.
Adam: You're welcome and thank you for using EarthLink LiveChat. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us again.
Adam: Have a nice day.
Adam: Bye.

Submission + - Hope Peeps Out for Quality Essay Seekers

Craig Willis writes: "Quality work and efficient performance are never out of demand. Love, respect, and care are the constants in our personal domain; similarly, superior quality is in the professional domain. It is appreciated by one and all and distinguishes the ordinary from the extra ordinary., a relatively newer site proves its excellence and has established enormous amount of goodwill in less than a year. The website is valued for its high quality essay assistance and term paper writing and plagiarism free materials, which it has provided month after month ever since the beginning. Other subtle reasons behind its success have been traced to be its extraordinary strategy for human resource management and strict policies and systems to rule out plagiarism. Superbly yet suitably adorned custom essays and custom research papers, yet another reason for its shining success story, are accomplished by the finishing touch given to each one of the term papers and research papers by expert editors and proofreaders. employs only skilled Americans into its staff in order to ensure quality and good language in the book reports and essays. In the search for this kind of skilled labor, most of which is provided by college or graduate students studying in US universities, it has to pay considerably handsome sums, a thing the company prefers above uncertain and often, unskilled staff, for cheaper remunerations. The sternness of the company in the staff selection process has been the main reason why the company is so confident about the quality of the term papers and research papers it provides. This company efficiently provides services in custom essays of type required by the client, such as custom research papers and custom term papers in all citation styles, movie reviews, college papers, applications and admission essays, grant proposals, speeches, and dissertations. This broad spectrum, however, has not affected its quality, perhaps because of the diversely qualified and committed writers it contains. Quality is further ascertained by the absence of plagiarism that it guarantees and has proved over the past months. It assures the materials to be originally typed rather than cut-pasted. Special care has been taken by the company in this field to forbid any chance of plagiarism. All the essays and other writings are run through elaborate tests and plagiarism detection software to ensure that there is no plagiarism, for the company believes that plagiarism is the biggest problem of the content writing industry. Visit the site and get detailed information about the useful site."

Submission + - FiOS TV? Maybe Verizon ought to stick to phones

netbuzz writes: "Yes, this is just one disgruntled customer in one Massachusetts community. But four regional service outages in eight weeks are enough to call into question whether Verizon has its TV act ready for prime time. What does the company have to say for itself? We don't know because Verizon didn't want to respond to questions posed by a mere blogger — even one who writes for a major IT trade publication. 5"

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