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Comment Re:Power tends toward monopoly (Score 1) 371

To bad Marx confused "Capitalism" with "Corporatism" and corporatism is nothing more than Government and Big Business playing patty cake and having a big old circle jerk. Free market capitalism leaves the economy (aka you, me, and the consumer) help determine demand and business fill the demand. This is far more efficient then central planning which is almost always slower to react then diversified parties providing demand.

Comment Re:Power tends toward monopoly (Score 1) 371

I agree citation is needed but isn't your restriction like saying "anyone who doesn't agree with me does not count?" As for citation: [QUOTE] ALL AMERICANS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING HEALTH INSURANCE, EXCEPT IN CASES OF HARDSHIP The reforms in the bill will make health care coverage more affordable so that all Americans have access to coverage that protects against catastrophic costs. Individuals who choose not to obtain basic health coverage will be subject to a modest penalty based on 2.5 percent of income. In no case would the penalty exceed the average cost of a health care policy in the Exchange. Hardship waivers will be granted to individuals based on criteria such as affordability or religious objections, among other reasons.

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