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Comment Of all the priorities... (Score 1) 328

Why is a CD's capacity the deciding factor for a component with such broad repercussions throughout the OS? It's 2012, folks. How many new installations are really made or broken on what works from a 700MB CD when a 4.7GB DVD is an incredibly common substitute?

I'm not ridiculing this decision, despite my surprised tone. I'm actually interested in learning more about the reasoning behind it, if anyone has some more background.

Comment Re:IOS + Handbrake (Score 2) 144

Not quite that GPL and Apple TOS are incompatible- otherwise Apple wouldn't permit other popular GPL-developed apps like the iOS WordPress client. VLC doesn't hold the copyright to contributed code, and one of the VLC contributors (who holds copyright to part of VLC) decided to make a stink about it for everyone. That person may have thought the GPL to be at odds with Apple TOS, but he's not the one calling the shots. As far as Apple was concerned, the complaint was that the developer publishing an iOS VLC port didn't have the rights to do so.

Comment Re:British tax returns are due in in January (Score 1) 432

so could you Americans learn to realise that you speak ENGLISH and remember that you are a minority of the English speaking world, especially of the English speaking GEEK world :)

Yes. This is why England is the source of all the technology innovation happening these days. Take the imperial stick out of your arse and realize that dialects evolve regionally, and you have no right to be offended by our cultures and dialects not being subject to your imposition.

Comment Are FF and Chrome really "competing?" (Score 1) 346

Perhaps I don't understand this fully, but I don't see how this works out to be competition from a "dollars and cents" perspective. Google keeps talking about Chrome being a way to "improve the web," and I see them doing that by promoting a browser that's leaps and bounds above the status quo (being IE). Having an officially "Google" product, instead of just a Google-sponsored one like Firefox, allows them to leverage their reputation in a way that hopefully gets people using modern browsers. There are good technical reasons to use both, and aren't crowding the market.

Until Google starts tightly coupling their web services with Chrome-exclusive features (and I don't mean just bookmark sync), Firefox and Chrome will both benefit Google economically by giving them a broader base of browsers capable of running their monetized products - rich web applications.

Firefox will not be an economic competitor to Google until (1) Firefox changes its search defaults or (2) Google elects to make Chrome-exclusive products or features.

Comment Personal experience in all-student department (Score 2, Informative) 141

I'm in my fourth year working and studying at the Colorado State University College of Business. Student-facing systems are pretty much 100% run by students, who report to student managers, who report to the IT Director and a student committee representing students who pay the tech fees. It's worked remarkably well, and I've been in several roles throughout my tenure- Lab Technician, network engineer, sysadmin, security team lead, web developer.

In terms of the department's effectiveness, I would say that students receive a great value and enthusiastic service from their colleagues. The risk of system failure is pretty low since we have decent turnover and a hierarchy of newbie and more experienced staff. (It also helps having a good balance of student employees in the technical disciplines and the business administration major.) Everybody starts out with very little experience, and gets direct access to systems they wouldn't otherwise be trusted with. We put heavy emphasis on documentation and formal training requirements, but a lot of stuff is "throwing us in the lake and learning how to swim." I was 18 when I got the security team lead position, and later that week a horrible false positive in $vendor's antivirus definitions rendered every workstation in the college useless. The real-world experience of emergency response and dealing with managing a team and staying accountable to others taught me so much.

I value this kind of opportunity as something much more valuable than an internship, some entry-level jobs, or even my degree program. The job's flexibility with my school schedule and direct pertinence to my studies added several dollars worth of value to the decent student hourly rate.

Comment Re:Age and quality. (Score 5, Insightful) 443

I think Slashdot has done much better than other social news sites in this regard. At least some of the mods and meta-mods can recognize that upmodding shouldn't correlate to agreement with a statement. Try posting unpopular opinions on Digg or Reddit and you'll see how much harder it is to be heard because everyone has downvoting power. Honestly, I'd be overjoyed to see a flurry of insightful or informative comments, even when they're not what I agree with. I want to be forced to think and be confronted by conflicting opinions - that way I can form more educated opinions of my own and be less influenced by groupthink circle jerks.

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