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Comment Re:Not gonna happen (Score 1) 340

As an IT worker in the financial services industry and attempting to bring Apple in house, it is clear that Apple has no desire to be in the corporate market. They flat out refused to sign an NDA (a contractual requirement in my organization when starting a relationship with an outside vendor) so the conversations ended there - we were just trying to set up corporate purchasing for iPads (don't even get me started on how much of a pain these things are to support) - even being managed by a MDM solution leaves the device in a state that does not fully meet our security and data loss prevention requirements (no AV support, no DLP support, end-user can completely disable our controls). To get around Apple's limitations, we've had to enable full time VPN on demand which naturally drains the battery at an accelerated rate and impacts overall performance of the device. I can only hope that this will lower the demand for the iPads, but sadly the demand has been going up because it's hip/cool to bring it to your meetings (ie: trendy).

Life-size Eva Unit 01 Being Built In Japan 80

JoshuaInNippon writes "Japan has gone life-size anime model crazy. Last year there was the robotic 1:1 Gundam model that guarded Tokyo for a few months in the summer to mark the series' 30th anniversary, and then there was the giant Gigantor moment that opened in Kobe in the fall in honor of the city's rejuvenation from the devastating 1995 earthquake. Now, an amusement park near Mt. Fuji named Fuji-Q Highland is building an Eva Unit 01 from the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion series, or at least a bust of it, in conjunction with the series' recent movies. The bust will sit in a replica hanger, and reportedly stand around 9 meters tall. Visitors will have the chance, for a little extra money, to have their photo taken in the unit's cockpit, where the series' protagonist-of-sorts Shinji Ikari normally sits. The attraction is set to a cost of over US$1.6 million to build, and open on July 23 of this year. It will also undoubtedly be swamped by crazed fans looking the opportunity to bring their anime dreams to life."

Wii 2 Delay Is Hurting Nintendo 310

BanjoTed writes "Michael Pachter's ongoing spat with Nintendo regarding the Wii 2 is well documented. Pachter is sure it's coming, Nintendo says it's not. Now the analyst has gone one further by claiming that the declining sales of the Wii documented in the platform holder's recent financial statements will only get worse unless it speeds up attempts to get its successor to market. He said, 'The reason for this is clear: the software being created is just not interesting enough or compelling enough to drive Wii owners to buy more than two [games] per year, and most of those purchases are first party software. We can blame the third party publishers for making shovelware, or for misjudging the Wii market, but the simple fact is that the publishers have to develop completely separate games for the Wii because its CPU is not powerful.'"

Lower Merion School's Report Says IT Dept. Did It, But Didn't Inhale 232

PSandusky writes "A report issued by the Lower Merion School District's chosen law firm blames the district's IT department for the laptop webcam spying scandal. In particular, the report mentions lax IT policies and record-keeping as major problems that enabled the spying. Despite thousands of e-mails and images to the contrary, the report also maintains that no proof exists that anyone in IT viewed images captured by the webcams."

Comment Re:sprint (Score 1) 214

The sprint airave is configurable to either allow all sprint customers to use it, or it can be configured to only allow specific phone numbers (configurable up to 3 unique sprint phone numbers). It should also be noted that the airave does not yet provide EVDO data access. If you have a weak EVDO signal from a tower, your device will always prefer that data connection over the 1xRTT that the airave can provide. The only true way to have data access over your handheld to the airave would be a complete absence of an EVDO signal. This may not be much of a deal if you 1) don't use much data and 2) are in your own home with access to a PC.
Input Devices

Microsoft Docs Indicate Future Xbox 360 Support For USB Storage 130

Internal Microsoft documents obtained by Joystiq indicate that its Xbox 360 console will gain support for USB storage devices some time this Spring. "According to the document, the USB mass storage device must be at least 1GB and the system will do a compatibility check. 'The system partition occupies 512 MB of space, and by default the consumer partition occupies the remainder of the device capacity, or 16 GB, whichever is smaller.' Upon inserting a blank USB storage device, 'consumers are offered two choices: "Configure now" or "Customize."' The 'Configure now' option will use 'the entire device capacity, up to the maximum of 512 MB plus 16 GB,' meaning, regardless of the overall size of the device you're using, the Xbox will only enable 16 GB of usable, non-system storage. The 'Customize' option will allow you to 'preserve some pre-existing, non-console data on the device' such as music." There have also been rumors of a new, smaller form factor for the 360, and hacker Ben Heck has given his thoughts on some leaked motherboard pictures.

Comment No thanks (Score 2, Informative) 251

If it's anything as effective as One Care, I'm going to stay away. I received a free 1 year subscription to One Care at a Microsoft event about 2 years ago and ran it until it expired. After removing it and re-installing my previous Symantec product, it detected around a dozen viruses and malware infections that One Care did not notice. Since then I've kept my distance from any Microsoft AV type product.

Submission + - Researchers Create 'Sleep Talking' Mode for PC's

Hugh Pickens writes: "Computer scientists at UC San Diego and Microsoft Research have created a plug-and-play hardware prototype for personal computers that induces a new energy saving state known as "sleep talking" that may soon save large amounts of energy. The new sleep talking state provides much of the energy savings of sleep mode and some of the network-and-Internet-connected convenience of awake mode. "Large numbers of people keep their PCs in awake mode even though the PCs are relatively idle for long blocks of time because they want to stay connected to an internal network or the Internet or both," says Yuvraj Agarwal. "I realized that most of the tasks that people keep their computers on for--like ensuring remote access and availability for virus scans and backup, maintaining presence on instant messaging (IM) networks, being available for incoming voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls, and file sharing and downloading--can be achieved at much lower power-use levels than regular awake mode." Following this realization, the team built a small USB-connected hardware and software plug-in system that allows a PC to remain in sleep mode while continuing to maintain network presence and run well-defined application functions. Researchers say the new mode consumes 11 to 24 times less power than a PC in idle state, which could translate to energy savings of 60 to 80 percent depending on their use model. "Reducing energy consumed by wall-powered devices, especially computing equipment, offers a huge opportunity to save money and reduce greenhouse gasses," said Agarwal."

Comment Re:LinuxConf is next month... (Score 1) 1082

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Pressure Mounting for 2KGames over DRM in BioShock 1

DoctorDyna writes: "Pressure seems to be building for 2KGames over the inclusion of SecuROM with their latest release, BioShock. They have been fighting criticism over the last couple of days after limiting customers via SecuROM (accused of being a rootkit) to only install the game twice, which they later increased to 5 times. Customers are irate that once again, only the customer suffers due to draconian anti-piracy measures.

PC Gamer is being outspoken on their front page as well."

Submission + - Google Adds StarOffice to Pack software bundle

Van Cutter Romney writes: "Google quietly added StarOffice to its freely available Google Pack software bundle. StarOffice is the commercial version of Sun Microsystems' office suite. While StarOffice is available for Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms, the version being offered through Google Pack is only for Windows XP or Vista users. Even though it is bundled with the Pack, StarOffice is not integrated with Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google's online office productivity suite."

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