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Comment Re:Um (Score 1) 24

China would have a pretty good claim on the global fireworks and munitions industries over the past thousand years since gunpowder was "invented" there

Just like the Chinese silk industry, the Chinese "fireworks and munitions industries" chose the route of trade secrets, instead of patents. They took on that risk because they didn't want to share and only be granted a temporary monopoly. Where did this short-term business decision land these industries...1000 years in the past.

Comment Re:Ninfa's (Score 1) 57

In my opinion, it has gone a little downhill, since "Mama Ninfa's" death in 2001, but it is still one of my top 3 Tex-Mex restaurants in the city (maybe still #1, but no longer a shoe-in). Also, there are other Ninfa's locations in Houston, but I have always had a much better experience at the original location (even more recently). Ah, I finally see why: "There are still "Ninfa's Mexican Restaurants" in Houston and elsewhere operated by independent owners who previously received licenses to use the name from the Laurenzo family".

Comment Re:The dissapointing thing... (Score 1) 57

is unusable because it's filled with Mark's stuff, regardless of how great a guy he is, or how much mentoring he does.

It still sounds like you are jumping to conclusions; what if he pays a monthly fee for that much space? They have a membership level that provides you with your very own workbench. They also have membership levels that provide you with shared workspaces and lockers (this was before they moved to their larger location; I'm assuming it is the same). If you still think that is unfair then it does not matter, anyways--you are obviously not a Texan (yes, I am fully aware I just made a logical fallacy--it was a joke).

Comment Re:Failed Marketing (Score 1) 251

I've seen gaming headsets that mix two audio sources (is yours the PS3 headset?), but I haven't found wireless earbuds available that do that (thinking more about it, it seems my problems are only with wireless earbuds (I've had sets from two manufacturers)). I will also note that this is really the only device that I ever really connect to multiple devices--I would be willing to bet that the "pretentious ear-pieces" also have the same problem, though).

And don't get me wrong, BT generally "just works" and I do love it and this is only a small hiccup, but my problems are when I have a bluetooth device (okay, my headphones) and am working near multiple other devices that have all been paired together in the past. I have to carefully turn on devices or the BT radios in the order that I need them to connect or otherwise it is seemingly random which audio source will be sent to my headphones (probably has to do with polling intervals). This can range from annoying, where I have to turn off bluetooth on several laptops, so that my phone will pair instead, to problematic, where I have been forced to to "forget" devices just to get them to work with another device (e.g. in my car where I cannot easily turn off the BT radio).

I think my problem would be solved with a "soft-pair" option where I did not need to re-make my device discoverable, re-search for devices, re-authenticate a password, but instead just give me a simple prompt asking for confirmation before re-connecting to a device.

Comment Re:Failed Marketing (Score 1) 251

As for the bluetooth problems here, I have no idea why people have so much trouble

One problem for me is that most bluetooth devices assume that you only ever pair with one other device. I swear sometimes that bluetooth acts like a jealous ex-girlfriend (e.g. interferes with other connections, refuses to talk, hooks up with past devices, etc)

Comment Re:I don't believe it... (Score 1) 84

and it's still not extremely common that their videos are available in high definition.

I find this to be exactly opposite, now. Maybe not for the Top 10 Boobs in Video Games videos or anything relatively old, but I find that every single regularly uploading Youtube Channel now offers at the very least 720p.

I think that mobile devices help them to gain that #1 spot (I would imagine more people watch 4 minute videos on their phones than full length movies and shows). Also think about videos that have gone viral that everybody has to see. Also think about the number of sites that embed Youtube videos into their own content. Think about all of the companies now using Youtube as the CDN of their own marketing materials. Also do not forget the reports of ISPs blocking other providers from doing the same thing as google; possibly because it competes with their OnDemand offerings (Comcast and Netflix).

Comment Re:This is the slope before the cliff (Score 1) 385

Hello, I do and in fact I prefer it over the device-specific options that I have. From the couch, I prefer a full-fledged PC streaming to a 50" monitor and maybe to a laptop on the coffee table if I am playing a game on the other (I'd like to point out that instead of PIP that would be picture-out-of-picture, or POOP).

The killer feature for me is alt-tabbing or resizing my way back into a full computer experience--all without interrupting playback (I'm usually doing something else while watching tv or netflix, so my priorities might be different).

Comment Re:Thought... (Score 1) 359

Being able to quickly click on things is often FAR, FAR worse on a touch display.

I disagree. Following 3 hyperlinks in a row that you know where they will be is much easier with a touch screen than having to move the pointer (the specific example I am thinking of has the hyperlinks on opposite sides of the screen, so it is moving the pointer back and forth--even with the most sensitive trackpad settings (I like a 50% swipe to traverse the whole screen) I am faster with the touchscreen.

I'm not a complete apologist and honestly did not see any value before I got one (it wasn't the selling point and still would not be), but I have to say I was surprised to find myself trying to swipe and tap the screen on my work laptop that does not have it, within just a week or two of getting the other.

I guess you did say "often", but then I disagree with the "FAR, FAR worse" qualifier--they are just different. For example with a touch screen you do not need to know where the cursor is currently pointing. Dragging stuff, a cursor wins out because you do not have to drag it the actual distance of the screen. Scrolling I find exactly the same: either a couple inches forward with one hand to swipe the screen or a couple back to swipe the touchpad.

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