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Comment Our Future in space exploration (Score 1) 40

This is why we need to re-establish our new space crafts. We had them all set up to go and then....NO!! No funding for you. It would create jobs with the manufacturing, and best of all could create revenue with other countries paying us to shoot their stuff into space. Instead we have to rely on these yahoos to shoot it up for us...We're doomed.

Comment Saw this comming (Score 1) 185

I kind of saw this coming several years ago when On Star was a GM product more or less. It was funny how out of the three American auto companies (GM,Ford, and Chevy) ONLY the one that had an exclusive deal with On Star at the time (GM) had to be pretty much bought by the government. Now all of a sudden they are selling independently and even telling you they will give away your info. 1984 anyone? lol as far as probable cause goes, Patriot Act allows them to get around most that if they think that you're a terrorist or something, which by definition has become easier to fall into. Not meaning to sound like a conspiracy nut, but I believe you should look at everything coincidental or "off" with a huge grain of salt. Never trusted On Star in the first place, and sure as heck won't now.

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