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Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 481

Skip bringing your smartphone and get a "dumb" phone where you can hardly produce a text message.

I doubt that they would capture any serious offender this way - they have other means to get their stuff through. A micro SD is so small that it's easy to conceal.

But otherwise I have realized that there's no real point in visiting the US these days considering the banana republic government that's in place. Nothing wrong with the people, just the election system that makes sure that only the worst alternatives are available. The only candidate last election that at least had some ambition outside the realm of power or control was Sanders.

Comment Re:How "indirect" was the use? Was SF just a proxy (Score 2) 119

Which just highlights that the problem is the licensing model.

The change of terms means that it's an indication of SAP either have become "too big", they have saturated the market and can't grow anymore or they are starting to fail. In any case they may need to downsize in order to keep the customers.

Also realize that many businesses that have been successful have tailor-made systems.

Submission + - Is Vodafone's new broadband service a man-in-the-middle attack? (

Duncan J Murray writes: Vodafone's recent entry into the competitive broadband ADSL and fibre market in the UK has been met with accusations that they are partaking in a man in a middle attack by providing certificates from bored writes "Vodafone are performing a man-in-the-middle attack... Rather than subverting a wifi router, they have a proxy server which is intercepting your encrypted data requests, making the connection to the encrypted endpoint itself and getting you to send your requests to the Vodafone proxy server...."

Vodafone broadband also seems to be falling foul noscript's Application Boundary Enforcer designed to prevent DNS rebinding attacks, requiring system ABE rules to be disabled to access https addresses.

So far vodafone have responded by suggesting a security exception is created for each occurrence, and another reply from vodafone respond "I've double checked this with our Broadband team and this is how our routers are set up, we're unable to change any settings at our end."

Though we should not attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity, is this unwittingly compromising the security of vodafone broadband users?

Comment Re:Higher profit margins? (Score 1) 40

I got a HTC M9 last year, but due to the amount of bloatware I would look at something else next time.

I think that the first thing a phone maker should look at is to not annoy the users with unnecessary stuff and instead let the user decide what they really want. Much like a good restaurant - you will see that when you order a meal there you actually get a few pieces on your plate well prepared. When there's too much stuff you just confuse the user and scare them away.

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 209

AM spreads better during night, then it can be 1000 km range with little problem. However AM is a declining band with fewer and fewer listeners in many parts of the world. Here in Europe DAB might be an alternative - and is the only public radio broadcast band in Norway.

Anyway - radio in a phone requires the use of headphones, and not everyone uses them.

Submission + - United States has slipped to its lowest level in rankings of economic Freedom (

schwit1 writes: In the latest report, the U.S. ranks 17th out of 180 countries with an economic freedom score of 75.1 out of 100. Last year, the U.S. ranked number 11.

Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand topped the list, with respective scores of 89.8, 88.6 and 83.7. Other countries that placed ahead of the U.S. included Canada, Taiwan and Britain, among others.

The Heritage report said countries with scores between 80-100 are considered economically “free,” while countries scores between 70-79.9 are considered “mostly free.”

Are we now the "Land of the mostly free"?

Comment Re:Until (Score 1) 374

Just because it's used there doesn't mean that it's very good for it, I have seen how bad it can become in vehicle engineering - and trust me, it would make Classic Basic look maintainable.

Comment Re:Until (Score 3, Insightful) 374

If you really want something unmaintainable you should go for Simulink.

On the other hand - I have never seen a good reason NOT to learn C. It's one of the basic building block languages that's widely used on almost every platform, so you won't waste your time if you learn C.

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