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Comment Re:been using accounts in aurora for a month alrea (Score 5, Informative) 256

It sounds like you CAN host your own Firefox Sync server.

"As with the previous version of Firefox sync, users still have the option to take their data with them and host their own sync service using the open source server-side software."


Submission + - MoveOn, among others, take on Facebook (

An anonymous reader writes: "When you buy a book or movie online — or make a political contribution — do you want that information automatically shared with the world on Facebook?" is the question MoveOn is posing to Facebook users, asking them to petition facebook to stop their new "beacon" marketing campaign that has resulted in a lot of backlash. Groups such as Binary Freedom have also joined the call calling this invasion of privacy "ridiculous" and "wrong". Based on the amount of people already in the official Facebook group it looks like Facebook might have to choose between users and advertisers.

Submission + - Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard (

An anonymous reader writes: Leopard's Finder has a glaring bug in its directory-moving code, leading to horrendous data loss if a destination volume disappears while a move operation is in action. This author first came across it when Samba crashed while he was moving a directory from his desktop over to a Samba mount on his FreeBSD server.
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Man Reclaims DK Record, Offers $10K To Challengers (

Game Master writes: According to an article at MTV News, Billy Mitchell, the hot sauce mogul and legendary video game record-holder, has broken the Donkey Kong high score with a record 1,050,200 points. The article goes on to say that Mitchell is offering $10,000 to anyone who can break his new world record at the Classic Gaming Expo this weekend in Las Vegas.

Mitchell went to near-comical lengths to insure that the score was truly verified and accepted into gaming history. Amongst other things he had Nintendo personnel verify that the arcade game board set was original and unmodified (before and after playing), locked the game and gave the key to a security guard, videotaped the entire event, and played in front of a slew of witnesses.

There were good reasons behind his seemingly overzealous quest for score validation. The former world record, 1,049,100, was set last summer by Steve Wiebe, and is the subject of a recent documentary that has become very controversial amongst hardcore classic game players.

King of Kong documents a dramatic competition between challenger Steve Wiebe, a teacher, and Mitchell. The documentary, which some claim goes to great lengths to portray Mitchell in an unflattering light and Wiebe in a positive one, has been a hit on the independent film circuit. It has also drawn fire from many who feel the film is not only unfairly slanted, but contains multiple, possibly intentional, factual inaccuracies.

King of Kong is due to be released in theaters this year, and slated for a follow-up fictionalized version, if all goes according to plan.

The old DK record was broken at an 80's-themed mortgage broker's annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on July 13th, 2007. Billy appeared under the condition that they donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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