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Comment Re:Kill it with fire (but keep the base PSP going) (Score 1) 47

Agreed. Getting the PSP Go was probably one of the worst decisions I have made in recent memory. I decided to buy one because I have never owned a PSP, so I laid down $200 for a used one about a year ago and since then it has probably accumulated about 6 hours of playtime. The design just isn't as comfortable to play on as the original PSPs (I've tried my friend's), which is a huge downer for a handheld device. And along with what you said, the PSP Go does not really have any new technological innovations that merit such a high price and at the same time even has less functionality. It was a huge purchase mistake on my part and anyone that praises the PSP Go for any "innovations" simply does not know what they're talking about. Never again will I buy a device without checking reviews...

Submission + - Microsoft counts down to XP death (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: Microsoft have just released an end-of-support countdown gadget that ticks off the days until XP is no longer supported — but it only runs under Vista or Windows 7!
It focuses the mind on the fact that XP is being forcibly retired. It is a wake-up call to think hard about the unpleasant situation and consider the alternatives.So as you watch the count down to XP's death tick by think about the problems created by using software that actually belongs to someone else...

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