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Comment Re:Apartheid (Score 3, Interesting) 591

Ok, 80-200 years ago: "of the 120 or so active shooting wars happening today, Chirstian are involved in over 100 of them" There is nothing unique in Islam or Christianity that makes them war prone, In fact they are not. These are political/land wars. Where religion is used to motivate people.

Comment Re:Apartheid (Score 2) 591

In accordance with whose Sharia law? There is no one Sharia law. Each sect in Islam has its own Sharia, sometime two or more. There is one agreed upon Sharia law for all Muslims. What the Saudi's are doing is unique to Saudi. You don't see this B.S at in other countries (you may find a nut or two). Please read a bit more about things, before you label and demonize them.

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