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Subject Datestamp Replies Score
Reputation  *Monday April 12, 1999 @01:01PM  1
   attached to The Myth of the Internet War
Margins  *Tuesday April 06, 1999 @12:39PM  1
   attached to Dell Buys Equity in Red Hat
Slate Does Linux...  *Friday March 26, 1999 @03:27PM  1
   attached to Slate Takes on Linux
The problem with RMS...  *Thursday March 25, 1999 @05:56PM  1
   attached to RMS Immature, Slashdot and Community Arrogant?
Nuked messages  *Thursday March 25, 1999 @08:52AM  1
Well, it's better  *Thursday March 25, 1999 @08:30AM  1
   attached to Slashdot Moderation:Phase 1.1.1
It currently bites hard, but...  *Tuesday March 23, 1999 @01:47PM  2
   attached to Slashdot Moderation Phase 1.1
heh.  *Tuesday March 09, 1999 @05:43PM  1
CmdrTaco: A simple solution  *Tuesday March 09, 1999 @01:31PM  1
   attached to Anonymous Coward Sued for Slander
Gorilla Warfare  *Tuesday March 02, 1999 @05:57PM  1
   attached to IBM Announces Linux Support
Linux probably pretty safe  *Monday March 01, 1999 @05:00PM  1
   attached to Major Unix flaw emerges??
RTF License  *Monday March 01, 1999 @11:48PM  1
Linus' position on binary modules  *Monday March 01, 1999 @02:23PM  1
   attached to Mosix looking into GPL concerns
You're still without clue  *Monday March 01, 1999 @04:22PM  1
   attached to Distribution Wars at User Friendly
Interesting  *Friday February 26, 1999 @12:59PM  1
Interesting  *Friday February 26, 1999 @02:25AM  1
   attached to Solaris to be Community Licensed
Spam IS protected speech!  *Wednesday February 24, 1999 @06:03PM  1
FIRE!  *Wednesday February 24, 1999 @10:49AM  1
Spam is like bacteria  *Wednesday February 24, 1999 @09:45AM  1
   attached to Virgina Criminalizes spam, ACLU against it
Open Source promotes anarchy!  *Friday February 19, 1999 @02:36PM  1
   attached to Airing Open Source Dirty Lanundry
The crypto's not the place you attack  *Thursday February 11, 1999 @09:52PM  1
Brin == idiot  *Thursday February 11, 1999 @12:26PM  1
   attached to Privacy: Good Riddance?
WTF is he talking about?  *Wednesday February 10, 1999 @10:43PM  1
   attached to Does Open Source Fail the Acid Test?
The point is...  *Friday February 05, 1999 @03:46PM  1
   attached to MS Employees making Fake posts in Forums?

Somebody ought to cross ball point pens with coat hangers so that the pens will multiply instead of disappear.