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Comment Re:Amazingly efficient... (Score 2, Insightful) 64

It gets worse if you do an energy balance:
According to the DOE (Table 1), municipal waste contains less than 12e6 BTU/Ton, so your 100 TPD waste stream will contain 1.2 E9 BTU tops.

Disregarding electrical output:

Naptha; 1,240 Gal @118700 BTU/Gal = 1.47E8 BTU
Kerosene: 3400 Gal @134000 BTU/Gal = 4.56E8 BTU
Diesel: 6900 Gal @129500 BTU/Gal = 8.94E8 BTU
Fuel Oil: 3000 Gal @145000 BTU/Gal = 4.35E8 BTU
Total Output: 1.93E9 BTU

So, either they have some energy input they're not telling us about, or it's a scam.

Comment Re:Monaco (Score 1) 394

Could be the keyboards too, I find that since I went back to using Model M style keyboards, I'm much more productive.

Is that due to the keyboard's mechanics, or simply to the fact that you know that everyone in your office can tell when you're slacking because they can't hear the loud clicks?

FWIW, I share the Model M fetish, typing on a Unicomp now. Thrift stores can be a good source of cheap Model Ms as well.

Comment Re:Respecting Your Privacy (Score 1) 527

Well Google has a track record of mining every bit of data about you. Even to the point of hiring contractors to take pictures of your house (from the "street" of course).

Bing maps has street view now too, on its beta version. It has a lot less coverage than Google's at this time.

The beta version uses Silverlight, and it doesn't seem to like moonlight, so at least you're safe from the prying eyes of linux users.

Comment Re:E-Readers have a definite niche. (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Don't forget that when you buy a Kindle book you cannot lend, sell, or give it away. If you purchase an interesting book for your Kindle and your wife wants to read it, she'll have to buy her own copy or borrow your entire Kindle.

Seems to me that this severely reduces the value of eBooks, so they should really cost about 1/3 - 1/2 of the paperback price to make up for it.

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