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Comment Re:RIP (Score 1) 725

A very nice tribute to dmr as one of the authors of "The C Programming Language" which made the hello world programming example popular. But, for correctness sake (and I really do hope this doesn't ruin the tribute completely,) the example is due to Brian Kernighan, the other author of "The C Programming Language", who had written that example in an bell labs C language tutorial in 1974 and had used a similar example in his 1972 "Tutorial Introduction to the Language B" wich also featured the phrase "hello, world".

Comment Might increase the marked for free os desktops? (Score 1) 389

This might raise awareness of the windows tax. The main problem with it is that most buyers intending to use some other operating system will accept the extra cost, install whatever they like over windows and never look back. Microsoft got a good deal going, locking in a machine to use windows and nothing else is unnecessary.

However, if there is no way to run anything else then windows on a machine, it will make a small but noticeable decrease in sales. Perhaps this will increase the marked for desktop machines with a free os installed, with the possibility of tweaking or disabling secure boot, since "locked in" desktops is not a preferable option for some users.

Comment Link has split personality? (Score 1) 1348

Isn't it weird that this article cites only good things about Linux, damns the not so well spent chance in the turmoil of Vista, and then dooms Linux on the desktop because of it and the fact that you can't watch all DVD's (and related content) out of the box. Pretty strange indeed as I don't see Windows coming with a twitter/facebook/irc client, an bittorrent client, a full office suit, andriod integration, osv. out of the box.

Comment What? (Score 1) 392

what kind of business move is this? OpenSolaris doesn't really have a lot of users! They might get a couple of bucks from someone acquiring a non gratis license. But is really a good Idea to squeeze out what's left of it, and ruin the brand name?

Comment For the love of god, don't teack them c++ or VB!!! (Score 1) 407

It most probably won't work, because, face it, they are kids, you will spend most of your time trying to get them to understand quirkiness. The thing is that what they won't solve in time, they probably won't solve at all, and unless you are doing difficult stuff or you are squeezing c++ (wich you probably won't get kids to do right), python is comparable to c++ (maybe between 4 and 5 times slower), and when it comes to VB, it will just mess with their minds...

Comment said a different way... (Score 1) 307

"Is it safer to stay in the car, or is it safe to go outside? Like many of you, I use a car to go to work and whatnot. At home and at work, I wonder if it would be safer to just stay in the car then going outside. Is it more secure to lock my car with a key (big bad parking lot) where people can come up and steal my keys, or is it more secure to just remain in the car? I use my car 1 to 4 times per day, most days." On a serious note; when you have used so much time to secure your connection why not used now and then.

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