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Comment Re:Here's my list (Score 1) 278

All you say about condoms is true, but the best response I've seen to that is since we're preparing we can do better than a condom. If you had the choice, would you actually choose a (delicate) condom to hold your water? I wouldn't, which is why I've always thought that a small durable plastic bag folded very small makes much more sense than a condom.

Since you're packing this all ahead, you have plenty of time to think it through and make the best choice.

Comment Re:What's happening to Linux? (Score 2) 257

I've been a Linux user continuously through out that whole period, and I get what you're saying. For the last couple of years I've found Linux a lot less stable. Sometimes the culprit looks like the graphical environment/drivers, sometimes maybe not. But it's been really frustrating and I've not know where to begin hunting it down. Bug reports sure, but when your bug stays open for 18 months.....

Comment Re:Cards cards cards (Score 2) 62

This is true. I just visited the Netherlands and as an American I had this impression exactly. We want to think we're all so hot, "invented the Internet" and all. But the Dutch do technology way better than us. I was very envious of their chip and pin technology.

Comment Re:Reality not sufficient, (Score 1) 109

This is right. I'm far sighted, and it is completely different than being near sighted. You can see mountains, you can drive. You can see everything not close in crystal clear fidelity.

For close up work, like reading or sewing or electronics you wear glasses. Most of those activities are fairly static, and glasses are generally no problem (though I find my glasses want to fall off while sewing). I don't have much experience with VR, but I suspect the experience could be completely different.

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