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Comment Re:Once You Know... (Score 1) 559

That's because quick shipping time is one of Newegg's top goals. It reminded of this old article about how Newegg's warehouses work.


The relevant quote is, "Newegg is trying to target 2 day turnaround for all shipments, regardless of shipping method, thanks to strategic placement of their warehouses all over the country."

The article itself is worth a look if for nothing else but the pictures.

Submission + - Rumor: Apple plans to move laptops from Intel to A (appleinsider.com)

mario_grgic writes: Appleinsider is running a rumor that Apple is about to switch to ARM CPUs for all their portable computers and even desktops as early as next year. If true this would be quite a change (considering that it took Apple 4 years to switch from PowerPC to Intel) and I wonder what is the likelihood of Apple actually doing something like this. Can ARM actually compete with the Intel desktop performance?

I know Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will run on ARM, but I don't think they meant only ARM.

Comment Re:Entry barriers are set to low (Score 2) 487

Not to drag this too far outside the topic, but the "everyone in university" attitude is simply a reaction to today's hiring practices. What I continue to tell my friends is it doesn't matter what type of degree you have or what that degree is in. Simply having that degree is what gets your resumé in the game. Its simply the easiest way to thin the herd of applicants out without resorting to any sort of illegal discrimination.

This attitude is most blatant for jobs requiring any sort of associate's degree, but the glut of those degrees has been pushing many hiring decisions toward requiring a bachelor's degree for the same reason.

Too many people, too few jobs.

Comment Re:Premature to write off Microsoft (Score 4, Interesting) 178

As a happy Palm Pre owner I wanted to echo the parent's view on webOS. A friend of mine who just recently switched from a Pre to an EVO comments on how tight the core OS is on the Pre compared to his EVO. He'd still be using his Pre if the hardware wasn't sub-par and the app selection wasn't lacking.

All of this reminds me a lot of BeOS. Superior from a technical standpoint. Lacking a development base and userbase coupled with market forces working strongly against it.

Hopefully webOS 2.0 (or in my case, 2.1) and the Palm Pre 2 are where webOS's and BeOS's stories part ways. If not, I imagine these things will resemble BeOS R5, an amazing piece of software far ahead of its time that quickly morphed into Be Inc.'s swan song.

Submission + - Watch FCC Meeting on Net Neutrality Live (fcc.gov)

another similar writes: If you have a couple of hours free this morning, you can watch the FCC adopt monumental (or not) rules for an open internet. The meeting agenda [fcc.gov] has two topics — Framework for Next Generation 911 and Chairman Genachowski's not-yet-publicly-released Net Neutrality proposal. As noted here [slashdot] yesterday, Minnesota Senator Al Franken is not expecting great things from this historic (or not) step.

The 10:30am ET meeting is streamed live on the FCC website. If you can't catch it live, it's archived on their site.

Depending on your ISP, there should be no cost for this service, but that's apparently subject to change in the future.


Submission + - Google Books New Ngram Tool (wordpress.com)

Martin Hellman writes: Google has a great new tool that allows you to see how frequently a word sequence (an N-gram) occurred in books that they have scanned as a function of time. Naturally, with my focus on reducing the risk posed by nuclear weapons, I input “nuclear weapons” and my most recent blog shows the graph of frequency versus time.

Comment Michael Moore is someone you have to approach... (Score 1) 987

pragmatically. I look at all of his films as a starting point for the discussion. They make it very easy to engage people over the topic he's talking about. NOW, I don't trust any of the facts he presents in his films. I do my best to fact check everything he says, and find out how much of his stuff is BS that I need to throw out the window.

Comment Amtrak (Score 1) 890

Aside from the fact that my 6'3" frame fits in Amtrak coach seats, the main reason I ride Amtrak is because it lacks the nonsense security hassle that airplane rides entail. Yes, I know Amtrak isn't practical for a lot of travel, but it works for most of mine. If Amtrak becomes as much of a hassle as airports then I'll start driving everywhere.

Comment Work under where the money is at. (Score 2, Informative) 243

I work in a similar sized company that manufactures kitchen and bath counter tops and has retail kitchen and bath design showrooms. I'm the only IT worker there, and I work there part time. Well, part time is kind of a misnomer, I work there whenever there is a problem, or whenever I want. That being said, I work about 20 - 30 hours a week on average. I'm responsible for about 45 desktops and 3 servers spread out over 7 locations. We have 3 owners of the company who are the CEO, CFO, and President. My boss is the controller and he works under CFO. Basically the only time I have to go to my boss is when I want to make a company wide policy change, or if I need some money to order parts.

TL~DR Your boss should be someone with purchasing authority.

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