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Comment So what about grad school? (Score 1) 417

Why are graduate schools (i.e. PhD) filled with international students? A University pays the same stipend to international students as it does American citizens. Internationals do get counted towards diversity, which helps ranking, but American citizens can apply for more fellowships/scholarships hence potentially becoming 'free' employees. There's a lot of people here posting on empirical data, and while I feel bad for you if you went through a tough situation.

Comment Re:Plot traffic, establish a norm, compare history (Score 1) 48

It's not "how much data could my network handle at peak" but rather "what is the maximum amount of information I can send through a network" where this 'maximum' is usually only attainable in ideal conditions. The summary is somewhat misleading since "capacity" relates to "information", in the information theory sense and "data" relates to the idea most posters seem to have (i.e. the kbps you download at). Also the paper is two years old but the work in Network Coding is very interesting and has been a very rapidly increasing field in the past years. I'm not from Caltech or M.I.T. but Medard is awesome and so is his work, just saying.

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