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Comment Re:Just Like When He Led Microsoft (Score 1) 841

Screw my karma with this but I have to say it. First, what he did was not fine. We have standards here and he crossed the line. What if everyone rushed out running over people. Second, by pissing people off he accomplished nothing. Say something and that may or may not get to help you with your cause. Make them mad at you and you get nothing. I don't know about mosquitoes but you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Comment Re:at least it was only 2 billion (Score 2, Informative) 459

Not just private money. Some money was pumped into schools that should shutdown because of population shifts. Now we have thirty or so schools in the district that are less than half full and a bunch of money pumped in them for technology upgrades. Now they are just pissing money down the drain and will continue for years to come. The money wasted on these schools far exceeds the money that they were given by the Gates foundation.

Comment Re:Office for Linux and OSX (Score 1) 638

The shift of demographics may not be on the side of office. More and more computer users are becoming more open to alternatives. I think we are close to having a good alternative for average users when it comes to an Office type suite. On the other hand we are a bit off when it comes to the complexity of some business users. Now if you add in security concerns and the no internet connection no production problem, it becomes hard for a business to switch to that environment. The better choice for a business is a self hosted web based solution. That will eliminate OS dependence for most companies as long as the browser technology is there.

Comment Depends (Score 1) 409

If either family has no history of certain illnesses, then I would say no. It is like buying flood insurance when you live on top of a hill. Things can happen but the probability is small. My understanding is that these chord blood storage banks are just used for your child in case of cancer, immune disorders, etc. and are not used for research. I could be wrong about that part. BTW, I am a father of one and one on the way in March.

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