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Comment Re:10th story and counting (Score 1) 87

That must be why Samsung is re-evaluating it's options.


They would be fools to rely on Google now, Google would be directly competing with them.

Google will always have the edge, being the makers of the OS, they control the features nd they have "first access".

Comment Re:10th story and counting (Score 0) 87

They claim "don't be evil".

Yet over the years, they have been quite evil in some ways.

Their relationship with Apple irks me to some extend, they pretend to be their friend, while secretly plotting against them with their CEO hanging around as a mole. [1]
You want to compete? Fine. Announce your intention upfront, and fight it out in the open. WTF is with the industrial espionage?

Now they bought up Motorola ... I wonder how companies like Sony Ericsson, HTC etc. feels about it.
Samsung I know are shifting resources to their other Badu (or whatever it's call) OS.

Formerly partners, all of a sudden with no warning they became competitors.
I'm beginning to see a pattern here. [2]

[1] Jobs obviously got the wind of it after a while and hide the iPad from Schmidt. Look where Android tablets are now without the "help".
[2] I used to blame MS for all the BS they pulled, backstabbing of partners and the like, but I'm beginning to believe that they aren't an "exception", that all companies are like that. That it's just the way the game is played. All praise Capitalism!!!

Comment Re:That's not a planned event (Score 1) 138

Are you talking about dedicated handheld game systems, smartphones, or laptop computers?

Handhelds and smartphones.

With the DS, it's no different: find Game Card, turn on system, wait for health disclaimer.

Allowing a more "spur of a moment" gaming in contrast to the "let's sit down and play a game" "planned event" we have with current home consoles.

That's not a planned event. A planned event is a LAN party, in which the host makes sure before everybody comes over that they 1. own a separate copy of the game, 2. own a PC capable of running the game, and 3. "fight with the rest of the family for" permission to borrow the PC for the night. Multiplayer on portable is similar, except #3 is far easier to come by. But with a home console or one of the (admittedly few) games that support HTPCs, you'd just put in the disc (only one, not one per player), plug in or pair your controllers, and go.

Well it feels like a "planned event" to me personally. Maybe it's just me.

I explained it in an earlier post (last 2 paragraphs):

Could have copied and pasted it here, but that kind of feels like spamming.

Comment Re:Smartphone Controls Suck (Score 1) 138

Well, for people like me with no home theater system it's kind of a wash.

The big screen is nice and all, but I will have to drag my ass to the living room, and there is the possibility my mum (retired) or my sister wants to watch TV then there will be "negotiations".

The lack of privacy also irks me quite a lot, I don't like people watching over my shoulder when I watch movies or play games. I also hate "interruptions" like eg. people walking past me or talking.

There is also a feeling of "commitment" when I start up the "system". You got to turn on the TV, switch the channel, turn on the console, wait for boot, insert game, wait for load. I always feel a little pressured to make good use of all that "effort".
As a result, I end up thinking "I don't have time for this. Some other time." as I feel I have to commit hours to it.

Yet, I don't seem to have much problems picking up and playing Plant vs Zombies on my iPhone for hours on end, late in the night when I should be sleeping. LOL
Probably because I feel I can just quit out of the game whenever without much "loss".

Comment Re:Smartphone Controls Suck (Score 2) 138

Personally I see portable consoles replacing home consoles.

It allows you to play anywhere (eg. on the couch, laying in bed), you don't have to fight with the rest of the family for the living room TV, you won't distrub anyone sleeping if you play at night and you get privacy.

A bit more convenient too. Just pick up and play, instead of turn on TV, find disc, wait for the console to boot ...
Allowing a more "spur of a moment" gaming in contrast to the "let's sit down and play a game" "planned event" we have with current home consoles.

Controls wise the PSV more or less completely mirrors the dualshock. So people aren't give up much in that aspect.

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