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Comment I love my Mini (Score 1) 81

I hate laptops. I have a monitor, keyboard mouse everywhere I need to work so I tote my mac-mini around. It has always been under powered and unexpandible however the form factor and durability of this machine is nice and wins out for doing actual work. Doubles as a means to stream/play movies. When it wears out no worries, I can get peripherals anywhere. Hope they continue to support it...

Comment Follow the Nitrogen (Score 2) 124

I was inclined to poo-poo this paper but it does make an interesting observation. Venus has a crushingly dense atmosphere now (mostly CO2) but it is 3.5% Nitrogen. The authors point out that the weight of Venus's Nitrogen is actually comparable to the Earth's (10^19 kg). The field of astrobiology runs off the rails in its endless focus on carbon and water when what you also need is nitrogen (and reduced at that). Since the sun was once cooler and Venus was once wetter there is good reason to investigate the possibility that conditions were once life favorable.
Too bad it is most assuredly dead now.

Comment Re:What exactly can a US Senator do? (Score 2) 813

Pick up the phone. The UC system is a government (cf. political) entity that relies on federal largesse. After her phone call a behind the scenes scramble would secure these particular jobs. It would not solve the problem in general of course but a Senators influence is formidable.

Comment I vote No here's why (Score 1) 380

Self interest. My teenage horde of comics, scfi fi pulps and ancien Hardy Boys novels ain't selling on Ebay because all the potential customers torrent the entire history of Superman off piratebay thus leaving my carefully bagged collection worthless...with transferable digital copies you create a LEGAL aftermarket of say all of the X-men series for 0.5 cents.

Comment iTunes and not really owning your stuff (Score 1) 341

I have accumulated a modest Apple music "collection" -- giftcards.

I have an old firewire iPod and an old laptop. Old G4 laptop started to give up the ghost, I want/went to authorize a G4 iMac I got (to use as a music server it's cute).

iMac iTunes can't phone home to authorize the music library I legally purchased. Not stupid, it's no longer safe to browse the internet with this old thing but it
can't even update it's iTunes to allow this basic function.

I am well aware of other means to get my Apple music into another format but it is annoying.

The cloud is a consumer rip off.

My collection of 78s does not have this problem.

Comment Your numbers are wrong (Score 1) 298

Show your work...

NYC uses 60 GWh per year.
This is a unit of energy per year.
This is 2.16X10^17 J/year
This works out to 6.84X10^9 J/s
A J/s is known as a Watt which is a unit of power.
This solar thermal plant is a 140 MW plant.
It is well known that the sun does not always shine...
This is 140X10^6 W.
Were this a constant level of power one would need...
# plants = (6.84X10^9 W)/(140X10^6 W / plant) = 48 plants.

Your main error is failing to recognize a ridiculous number
(120,000 plants) when you took the time to post your opinion
on this forum.
You get an F.

Comment Re:Physical media is king (Score 1) 105

I recently was planning to digitize a number of cassette recordings -- radio broadcasts from the early 80's -- and well the horror. Hiss. And these were high quality cassettes.
As with the commercial cassettes easily the worst format in the century of recorded sound -- I think wax cylinders and piano rolls hold up better.

Comment The secret truth...CGI cheaper (Score 2) 232

There are many stories of film crews waiting around all day for that perfect sunset glow. Much easier to hire one guy to fix it in post.
The parent might have mentioned that the Dogme 95 movement was way ahead of the game here and that although I would love to see an Avengers sequel directed by Lars van Trier it ain't never gonna happen.

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