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Comment Re:Their value system is out of whack (Score 1) 122

Actually yes, a switch in codes would not necessarily have to be due to knowledge of enemy code breaking and even so, no knowledge of whom had leaked the thing would be nessesarry.

On the other hand, if they had bombed bletchley, then only people who knew that it was at bletchley it was done could have been the leak. whereas the other option could be ascribed to either one of a number of reasons:

1) mathematical analysis of their own codes leading to discovery of weaknesses
2) a lowlevel leak from someone who had seen material which could only have come from decryption (but not knowing anything about how or where this was done)
3) a highlevel leak in bletchley or close to the brittish high command.

Of these 1 and 2 would be far more likely and from a german perspective far better to have the brittish believe than if the had been option 3.

Yours Yazeran

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Comment Re:Their value system is out of whack (Score 2, Informative) 122

To protect whatever source they would have had that the British did their code-breaking at bletchley.

The British had the same considerations when they had decrypted material; 'how much of it can we use before the Germans get the idea that we have broken their encryption'. Some times U-boats or supply ships was left alone even after their exact position was known in order to protect the fact that Enigma was broken.

Yours Yazeran

Plan: To go to Mars one day with a hammer

Comment Re:Polish Cipher Bureau cracked Enigma (Score 2, Interesting) 122

Actually the Colossus was not used on the Enigma cipher, but instead on the Lorenz-cipher (somewhat similar to Enigma, but more complex) which was used by the german high command and the Nazi-top exclusively.

The British build copies of the polish bombes, and after the Germans changed the day-key scheme, Turing designed a new version of the bombes which was capable to deal with that (once a proper 'crib' was found, often based on German wether reports which tended to be more stereotypical)

Yours Yazeran

Plan: to go to Mars one day with a hammer.

Comment Re:Their value system is out of whack (Score 4, Interesting) 122

Actually what the germans would have done instead of trying to bomb bletchley (which they likely could have done using the knickebein , X-beam or Y-beam bombing system depending on date) was to change their encryption systems to something more secure.

They made a number of errors in how thy used the Enigma (stereotypical messages, repetition of the message key etc.) which they could have corrected sooner had they known that the British (and notably the poles even before the war) had broken the Enigma.

For instance the naval version of the Enigma was much harder to break than the standard army version as German marine was much more conscious about the above pitfalls and had a more complex Enigma.

Yours Yazeran

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Comment Re:Launching space tractors. (Score 1) 352

Wrong on 2 out of 3.

The Germans had a very well developed radar system from the beginning of the war. The Freya-gerat for long range search, Wurtzburg for short range ground intercept and control and Lichtenstein for short range airborne interception.

It is true that Nazi Germany didn't have GPS (which requires satellites in orbit, something noone could do in 1945), but they did have a range of radio navigation aids of which the Knickebein system was the widest deployed (they also had the X- and Y- beam systems used for both bombing and interception of allied bombers).

The Knikebein system was based on the Lorenz blind landing system, which is still being used today on all large airports, as the simplicity of the system requires only a functional AM-radio receiver to work (you can basically hear if you are on course or not as well as which side you have to move if you are not).

Yours Yazeran

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Comment Re:Launching space tractors. (Score 2, Informative) 352

Except that Nazi Germany basically invented all the technologies used in modern warfare

1) Long endurance diesel electric submarines (type XXI, Elektroboote)
2) Long range ballistic missiles (A4/V2)
3) Jet propelled aircraft (both fighters, bombers and recon, notably ME-262)
4) Cruise missiles (V1/FGZ-76)
5) Smart bombs (Fritz-X and HS-293 glider bombs)
6) Inertial navigation (A4/V2)

Systems under development/not deployed
1) Nuclear bomb / nuclear power
2) Guided surface to air missiles (Wasserfall)
3) Guided Air to Air missiles (Ruhrstahl X-4)

All in all, only the digital computers (of which Nazi germany also made the first Turring complete one (Zuse Z3) have come later.

Yours Yazeran

Plan: To go to Mars one day with a hammer

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