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Comment Re:Just say no, to SalesforceCRM (Score 1) 186

I was asked to make a backup of all the data in the system because the company was considering alternate options due to the high cost of Salesforce. I'll admit that this wasn't very annoying to workaround but the feature just seems unfinished. Another amusing problem with Salesforce is that as an administrator I can't delete users. To avoid having pages full of deactivated accounts we had to resort to renaming the accounts of terminated employees.

Comment Re:Just say no, to SalesforceCRM (Score 1) 186

If you have attachments that you're storing in their system and you want them exported they come to you as randomly named files. There is also a text file that acts like a hash table. You have to look up the code, then rename the file with the appropriate name/extension. When you have thousands of files, this gets really really annoying. The fix is a simple script to write, I'm just confused why Salesforce doesn't do it automatically. I've asked their support and never got an answer better than "that's the way it works".

Comment Re:Just say no, to SalesforceCRM (Score 1) 186

Well I guess some people like it. But I wouldn't choose to use it even if it was free. I could write a book on all it's shortcomings. There's just too many things to list in comments here. The biggest shortcoming is their support. They're slow to respond and not very helpful unless you want to pay thousands of dollars for a training seminar. Their data export feature is amazingly primitive as well. But I'll stop bashing them here and let people decide on their own.

Comment Worth a buck or two... (Score 1) 1

Over the past few years, every form of publishing has been talking about moving to paperless but for some reason I never thought of comics going that route. It's an interesting idea but I think each issue will need to be pretty cheap, no more than two bucks. With comics, having the hard copy is part of the joy. The tactile experience is one thing but there's also the collectors' value. I think if comics offered a digital distribution method I'd probably buy more of them and I'd be more likely to buy subscriptions but I think I'd still buy the hard copies of my favorites. This could actually be a good way for comics to grow their fanbase. By making it cheaper and easier to find new titles you enjoy, more people might get into the hobby of collecting them.

Submission + - HD-videoconferencing available now for below $100 (

Charbax writes: "Forget about Sony's Ipela system for HD videoconferencing costing $12000, forget about Cisco's $33900 Telespresence or Lifesize's $5999 Express HD video conferencing solutions which more and more corporations around the world are installing in their specially designated conference rooms to save on air fares and to reorganize the way they do business conferencing.

The FVexpress HD video-conferencing solution presented at CeBIT 2009 by Taiwanese company Facevsion is the worlds cheapest HD videoconferencing solution using a PCI Express card adapter with a 1-2mbit/s real-time 1280x720 H264 video encoder and decoder processor inside. Thus in combination with any cheap Laptop or Netbook with a PCI Express card slot, with any of the new HD-capable USB Webcams, you can thus launch HD resolution video-conferencing solutions which may look nearly just as awesome as any of the multi-thousand dollar professional solutions that have been on the market for the past few years.

Look forward to installing this at your grandparents house on their HDTV, this way you can meet them in your living room without actually having to travel to meet them. Using any affordable HDTV, and using the 1-2mbit/s upload connections that more and more standard ADSL/Cable Internet connections can support, HD video-conferencing is the second best thing to actually meeting people for real. It's actually pretty awesome!"

Input Devices

Submission + - Old-School Keyboard Makes Comeback Of Sorts (

CharlotteShma writes: "Some old writer once said that in order to keep going, he needed to hear the scratch of the pen on the page. Some self-proclaimed keyboard aficionados would make the same argument for computer keyboards. Is it possible that the old "clicky" keyboards are making a comeback? Now that we've replaced the old buckling springs with rubber domes, our keyboards are only getting quieter and quieter. According to the people at Unicomp Inc., all keyboards made since the early 1990s are, frankly, no good. They still use and produce vintage IBM Model M keyboards in their small factory in Lexington, Kentucky. The IBM Model M keyboards are ugly, built like tanks, and, most importantly, with a spring under each key which clicks when you press it."

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