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Comment Don't be mean! (Score 2) 357

OMG - don't y'all know that car salesmen (er, people) (including USED car sales, er, people) are absolutely truthful, honest and sincere when selling you an automobile - or whatever it is you're buying...??? C'mon - don't ya reckon that both Microsoft and Apple are like, ya know, totally truthful, honest and sincere when pushing their products down our throats and have only ultimately, our best interests in mind? (Where's my meds)

Comment Thank you, Neil (Score 1) 480

You gave me imagination, dreams - and especially anxiety listening to your trip, and then watching it in year 1 class. Thanks, mate. Cheers on your new adventure - I'm sure the technical and engineering aspects of your new journey will be extremely interesting! Peace!

Comment OMG, Really? (Score 1) 488

The US is more intent on silliness like this; they've cut budgets massively for anything to do with space, science, technology - and put more towards war, "defense spending", "security spending" - and moreso even towards protecting the "rights" of monster corporations (including the RIAA and all that that entails). Not surprising in the least - and most "netizens" already knew this from the beginning; regardless of the spew that spouts forth from the US government's media machine - along with their Australian cousin. Yet another sign of the decline of the US's government, and their failure at striving for greatness. Oh, yeah, ditto for the Australian government. What's with all those "secret" treaties the Aussies have signed with the Department of Homeland Security and the likes? Hmmm....

Comment What about BBS SysOps? (Score 1) 497

BBS's, the SysOps that shelled out their own money to run them, the BBS software creators, the BBS users - what - don't we get a mention in history? If it wasn't for those of us that either ran a BBS or visited a BBS, the "model" for "Internet Users" would not have come about in the same manner as it has - and business would not have taken to realising that BBS's provided a great new ground - with multiple uses. God it shits me when we're neglected.

Comment As if anyone's really UN-educated. (Score 5, Insightful) 330

There are more than enough people and resources behind each and every bill brought up before the Senate and/or Congress. There is more than enough study and research behind the scenes. Playing out "ignorance" in any respect is merely a show, merely another part of the "smoke and mirrors" game. The unfortunate advantage of the intelligent "netizens" is that we DO know, we DO have facts, we DO have experience and in general, it's those of us that helped to build what is called "The Internet" - old school BBS Sysops and hackers and the likes - that are speaking out - and we're the one's that actually understand the entire paradigm. This, to me, is mere BS marketing.

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