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Comment Re:Unsurprising, really (Score 1) 223

All culture, everywhere, everywhen, has been about celebrity. It has never been otherwise. The Greeks fawned over philosophers who in turn accepted paid philosophizing gigs. Roman gladiators had endorsements and groupies. BCE China had emperors, courtiers, bureaucrats, entire classes of people who were fawned over and obeyed without question. There has never been and never will be a time when the average person on the street has any personal independence in his or her life.

This feigned or mistaken indignance over supposedly increasing state powers or the failings of modern pop culture is just sorely misplaced. There's no loss of privacy, there was never any privacy to begin with. It's just that now, the spread of information access to the masses give some awareness of the situation.

Comment Re:Might want to tighten the bolts on those sabers (Score 5, Insightful) 199

Wrong. The 200 mile zone is an "exclusive economic zone," not territorial water. Territorial waters only extend 12 miles out. Any ship can navigate within the 200 mile zone, just can't harvest any materials or sea life. As long as the Cowpens wasn't fishing or mining, it was free and clear.

Comment Re:Until you experience the speed ... (Score 1) 338

No telco should be running its ONTs off a power brick unless the entire building is on a backup generator or you put a UPS on every ONT. They carry POTS, too, and you can't have that drop every time there's a power outage. We have a hybrid system, UPS running off mains for the early areas that were converted to fiber 6 years ago and 400v DC carried over legacy copper for the more recent installs. That way we can power the ONTs during a power outage with diesel generators at the remotes or in the CO.

Submission + - Amazon Uses Robots to Speed Up Human "Pickers" in Fulfillment Centers

cagraham writes: The WSJ, combing through Amazon's Q3 earnings report, found that the company is currently using 1,400 robots across three of their fulfillment centers. The machines are made by Kiva Systems (a company acquired by Amazon last year), and help to warehouses more efficient by bringing the product shelves to the workers. The workers then select the right item from the shelf, box it, and place it on the conveyor line, while another shelf is brought. The management software that runs the robots can speed or slow down item pacing, reroute valuable orders to more experienced workers, and redistribute workloads to prevent backlogs.

Submission + - Aereo TV rebroadcast is still legal. (

Maximum Prophet writes: While Redigi is illegal, Aereo isn't. “We conclude that Aereo’s transmissions of unique copies of broadcast television programs created at its users’ requests and transmitted while the programs are still airing on broadcast television are not ‘public performances’ of the plaintiffs’ copyrighted works..."
Of course both decisions are going to be appealed.

Comment Re:Lets ask in different context (Score 3, Informative) 486

The first time, we take the member's word that they've cleaned or replaced the computer. After that, if it recurs, we need to see either an invoice from a repair shop or retail shop for repair of purchase of a computer. We provide CDs here in our office with removal tools, and we do provide removal and cleanup services.

We also provide download links for security software right from our tech support portal, and a complimentary CD with the same software with every new subscriber. 3 times a year we offer a class on intro to pc and internet security. If someone's still getting infected after all the resources we've made available, then tough love may be just what's needed.

Comment Re:Lets ask in different context (Score 5, Interesting) 486

Because you've apparently never been blacklisted because one of your members sent 250,000 spam emails in a 24-hour period. Because you've never had your SMTP server so overloaded with botnetted messages that delays of up to an hour were occurring for legit traffic. Because you've never had to block port 25 for out-of-area SMTP traffic because of complaints from other local partner ISPs. Yes, we disable access for identified botnet members and spammers. The infections of a handful of our members' PCs aren't going to ruin the experience for our other 6500 members.

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