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Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 3, Insightful) 211

So much this. If you think it's a great product, wait until it's all built and buy it on the store shelves. if you think it won't land on store shelves, and you really want it, and it's worth losing your money over it, then chip in on the kickstarter. All kinds of businesses fail, surely the ones that are started by a couple of guys with no experience and only a webcam are going to fail more. I'm not sure why people think these are risk free.

Comment Re:Why so complicated? (Score 1) 111

What this guy said.

"Why is a high speed data bus so complex?". They evolve to be faster and more efficient each year. What's high speed today isn't in two years from now. So do you want to fast in two years, built on today's tech, so it's underutilised battery life is terrible? Or do you want to limit the efficacy of the new plug-in modules in future by having the bus under spec in two years? Or do you want to build it on something that doesn't exist yet, sooner than two years from now, so it costs a fortune to design and manufacture?

Something as simple as a "high bandwidth data bus" has capacities and costs associated with it. I don't know why it took so long for the Ara team to find this out.

Comment Fighting it only makes it worse (Score 1) 424

Back when Google was new, I avoided it for the longest time because I'd spent so long with Atavista and friends curating my searches with "+this", "-that" and other modifiers, but Google didn't support them well.

Turns out, Google didn't support them because it didn't need to. It would return the right results by phrasing the query naturally, not like some bastardised SQL incantation.

Give in to querying like a human and you might find Google works much better for you. There are a lot of very smart people that understand how people look for data, including the long tail. Trying to second guess them is a path to failure.

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