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Comment LHC Purpose (Score -1, Redundant) 138

It did it's job. It put many millions of bucks into the community that pushed for it. That it didn't find much, if anything, that will improve the community that funded it, well, that's just science I guess. Grumpy as I feel about it not coming through with what was hoped, I do want it to continue and maybe even consider a bigger collider in the near future.

Comment Re:Cuisine hits rock bottom (Score 1) 225

Moribund eating culture? We eat because we have to and being away from a kitchen sometimes requires that we get a bit inventive, don't ya think? A flat piece of cardboard with some cheesy goop containing pepperoni might just be welcome in some extreme circumstances. Given the option, I'd much rather have that than eat a squirming snake.

Comment Tiny Font (Score 2) 367

Why when I click to a sub thread, do I get font so tiny I can't read it without action (control +) to make it legible? This messing around with me is getting old. Like, I used to go to Digg as often as I went to slashdot, now I haven't been there in months. Is this place going to be like them, and die because they have some wild idea that won't fly?

Comment Re:This data helps Repo guys steal the car back (Score 1) 599

Seems like a lot of needless work. These things go to an antenna. Find the antenna, usually they reside under the plastic bump over the trunk or rear window, and simply disconnect the sucker. The ones over the trunk are easy to find while those over the rear window could require some digging. Even if the cell phone feature continues to work, that should take out the GPS info.

Comment Re:Next job? (Score 5, Interesting) 308

Maybe I was just lucky but I stayed with my last job over 40 years. Retired last summer and a large reason I stayed so long is because I loved my work. So much so that I created a 12 node networked Linux system at home to learn more so I could have more fun at both work and home. The knowledge gained at home did help me get a few better raises though eventually I was promoted to a position not requiring those skills. Now, it remains my main hobby and is the thing helping me enjoy all of this spare time.

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