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Comment Re:I'm sure this is on the money, but (Score 1) 347

Politics my friend, it is all down to politics, successful companies sooner or later create these little islands of power inside their organizations, when that happens nothings else ever happens.

Everybody kills off anything that has the perception of breaking the status quo.

The moral is to make your success vast while keeping your organization as small as you possible can.

Comment Re:Accidentally, or not? (Score 1) 179

This has to do with not good thought out default settings of the various DNS servers out there, but also has to do with people running too old DNS servers.
You can restrict recursing resolve based on source IP, groups of IP or subnets.
First I do is define an internal mode and an external mode where external mode only sees an authoritive server and the internal mode can do recursed resolving.

Comment Re:A nuclear first strike... (Score 2) 369

I dunno about others but when a site refuses to show content without me unblocking scrips it will just get ignored.
b.t.w. US sites are really the worse with sometimes 15 or more scripts and most of them 3rd party.

Besides, unless advertisers find a way to serve me from, they will not do anything as I couldn't care less about their whining because I do not want their bought for web anyway.
They can keep their 80% of their paid for web and stick it where daylight is not showing as it's all cheapo losers crap anyway.

Comment Re:Subcontracting (Score 4, Insightful) 457

Yes, and he should have copied the environment that gave access to his subcontractors and make the copied environment update at his employers environment by scripting.

He was only half smart, his lazyness did him under.

I appaud his idea as he did the same that most corporations do, but he was sloppy doing it.

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