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Comment Other tricks to bypass geographic restrictions (Score 1) 251

Did you know that in most cases, you only need to bypass whatever method is used for checking your location. The server that does this, is usually not the one you stream your video from. It means that after passing the location check, you can actually connect directly to the video server for watching the video itself (and suffer much less from connectivity issues, if at all).

Look at this trick for example.

"Basically we are interested in proxying content only for certain domains. The actual streaming media sits on CDN networks and is usually not geo-locked. The amount of proxying we'll end up doing will be relatively insignificant compared to a VPN-based setup."

In case you want to try it out, there is a free service that does it. I'm a customer of a paid one which combines both VPN ("ibVPN") and DNS ("ibDNS") based services. On the paid front there are many other services that offer similar functionality. Most offer several hours of free trial, so you could see which ones works best for you.

Having said that, did you try contacting your ISP for support? Perhaps they change something in their routing tables which happens to work very bad for you? Maybe they can help.

Comment Idea vs. Implementation of idea (Score 1) 363

The idea is very nice. Give people the ability to answer their doorbell from wherever they are.
The proposed implementation of this idea might be an overkill but the by idea itself is still rather innovative.
It basically takes an existing concept of an Intercom and enhances it to become easier to install at home and to be able to reach you wherever you are by establishing a connection to a device you already own.

Comment Re:How about a fair compromise instead? (Score 1) 609

Completely agree beside of one exception:

I guess Israel's academia is no better than its military or (most of) its politicians

The Academia in Israel is actually considered to be one of the last remaining "Strongholds of the left wing" (I guess it only applies to the Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa universities) and are regularly attacked by the Israeli media because of it.

Comment Re:The burning question. (Score 1) 393

Unless of course you are saying I should run DOSBox on Linux on Javascript... which of course is just as mad and cool...

Hehe, true. Yet it does sound like an impending performance trouble. I would have started off with Ally-Cat It wouldn't demand much and it was my first PC game ever :)

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1) 135

"In 1999, a new virus, Win32/Crypto, was discovered... Today, in 2011, variants of Win32/Alureon are bringing this old-school technique back to life..."

Now I understand.
As a tribute to the 1999 Win32/Crypto, the summery of this article has been formulated like the virus-hoax chain-mails of that era.

Comment Re:It currently works on iPads only (Score 1) 329

They'll have to come up with some alternate gestures

A good alternative might be having the area below the screen become touch-sensitive. Then you can just have a Home-icon drawn there and tap on it (rather then press) to get Home, double tap to open the Task-manager and etc. This might not trigger any Buttonophobia among Apple's upper management. It would be nice if additionally, this area would accept single finger swipe gestures and a two finger pinch gesture that are configurable.

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