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Comment Re:Missed opportunity (Score 1) 105

so they adjust their prices to compensate).

If they've already adjusted their prices to account for this, then there isn't an incentive to pay with cash since you're paying the same price whether you're paying with cash or card (yes, there are a few places that charge less for cash, but they are far and few between).

Comment Re:well hot damn (Score 1) 492

Personally, I would rather have a person who has run several large non-profits over a business mogul as President, because they know how to make an organization run on limited funds and making do with what they have.

I would think you'd want someone who has ran several small to medium size non-profits then because the large non profits (Gates Foundation as one example) operates on a fairly large budget and has very little chance of ever running out of money. One of the perks of being large.

Comment Re:I'm sorry but he is wrong.. (Score 1) 95

It's not nitpicking.
Google could close source Android (or make its own OS since the license for Android probably prohibits this) and just customize it for the OEMs themselves based on requested specs and get a similar result.

If everyone who uses Android didn't use any of Google's proprietary products, Google has a noticeably less amount of cash coming in.

Android is FOSS, yes. But the key to Google's success with it wasn't that it was open, it was that it was cheap/free and good(the primary reason their closed software has the penetration that it does: it's cheap/free, and good).

Comment Re:Fuck off, 70% (Score 1) 280

Unless I'm reading the article wrong, it's not your time. Assuming you work a 9-5 at MS, they're saying you can use 20+% of that time to work on Windows Phone Apps. So instead of working on Ms Office for the whole 8 hours of your day, you're getting paid to spend time working on Windows phone apps that may or may not make any money.

So assuming I'm not reading it wrong, what they're asking isn't unreasonable. Why should they pay you to make a product that can take money from them?

Comment Re:And what happens... (Score 1) 584

It seems to me that if Amazon in particular wanted to circumvent this, they just remove the link in their kindle software that opens up the browser/store. Users would still be able to "pull from archive" any book they buy on the website that wasn't already on the device.

  I.e they could goto, buy book and not send to any device (assuming Apple made them disable 'send to kindle software on idevice'), open up kindle software and pull from the archive.

To play it safe I'll just never update my kindle software on my ipad/iphone....

Comment Re:Google has LOTS of power (Score 1) 257

i think it would could be measured in days how fast the DOJ and company respond. Given Google's large market share, making its competitors effectively 'disappear' from the internet won't sit well for them.

i can't recall which side of the water but some regulatory agency is investigating whether Google is altering companies search rankings based on how much business they're doing with them.

So yea threatening companies like Oracle, IBM, MS, and Apple won't get Google anywhere but under further scrutiny.

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