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Submission + - Firefox Will Soon Block Third-Party Cookies (

An anonymous reader writes: Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer has contributed a Firefox patch that will block third-party cookies by default. It's now on track to land in version 22. Kudos to Mozilla for protecting their users and being so open to community submissions. The initial response from the online advertising industry is unsurprisingly hostile and blustering, calling the move 'a nuclear first strike.'

AMD To Shed 10% of Its Workforce 276

stress_life writes "Recent rumors about AMD firing 5% of its workforce proved to be understated. AMD just announced that the company is going to deliver pink slips to 1600-1700 workers, or around 10% of its employees. AMD needs revenue of $2 billion per quarter, but Q1'08 is expected to come in around $1.5 billion. These firings have to be complete by Q3'08, the quarter by which Hector Ruiz promised to be profitable." We most recently discussed AMD's struggles in February.
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Journal Journal: Hm.

I didn't realize my Slashdot account came with a journal. I've been keeping a LiveJournal which I update fairly regularly. If you know me then you should check it out.

That's all for now.

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to: XtAt, DoomIhlVaria, Herzeleid, 2600 Orginization, EFF Orginzation, Slashdot, fc12, efce tweleve, programers, geeks, nerds, hackers, crackers, phreaks, windows newbs, caffeine producers, IBM, Mac, electrictions, engineers, penquins, deer, steer, USA, Canada, Australia, and anyone else
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Journal Journal: JOLT ADDICT

I am a jolt addict, give me jolt and I will obey. Last Jolt Consumed => Electric Blue

Comment Art in other forms (Score 1) 143

Interesting.. Actually, recently I was watching the television and I saw some man who took pictures of his wife while she was pregnant. Not just her wife.. but her baby as well and says his pictures are art. His 'art' shows various pictures of the baby and when he was basicly mush to when he looked like a human. The pictures also show rejected sperm attempting to get into the sperm.
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Journal Journal: Recent Submission - Rejected!

Here are your recent submissions to Slashdot, and their status within the system:

2002-12-05 14:57:58 Agere Systems Unveils FLEXPHY(TM) Chip (articles,tech) (rejected)
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Journal Journal: Mountain Dew - Input on it

Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew is a very fine beverage indeed. It can be found in many dining choices and vending machines. It has a decent amount of caffiene and even has a recycle advirtisement on the lable. However, it loses points because it has a football tailgate on it.

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